Topwater Ambush Bass Fishing

Topwater Ambush Bass Fishing

Hello everyone, This is Capt Mark Rose with your fishing report for Lake Okeechobee. I guided Radford White and his grandson Dustin. It was their first time on Okeechobee, and the fishing was excellent; we were fishing using a lot of shiners and artificial lures on the first day. We fished with shiners, and the fishing was really our biggest fish, which was 5 pounds.

On the 2nd day, we went out and threw artificials and caught them on topwater lures, some speed worms, Senkos, and flukes, and saw some on a spinning bait; the bass would hit that topwater ambush it practically fishing was the best in the afternoons caught lots of fish I don’t remember the number.

The biggest was about 7 pounds, and as the customer said, it hit like a striped bass! alright? For all your freshwater fishing adventures, go to BassOnline. This has been Capt Mark Rose with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report, creating memories one fish at a time.

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Capt. Mark Rose hometown is Pittsburgh, PA. Mark has been fishing Lake Erie and Lake Okeechobee since 1999. He fishes Lake Erie in the spring for smallmouth. He runs a detail shop in his hometown during the summer, spring, and fall and heads to Florida during the winter months to do what he loves: guides on Lake Okeechobee. To learn more about Mark’s best fishing holes for anglers on Lake Erie get in contact!


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