Today’s Trip reminded me of Forest Gump

Hello again, this is Captain Dave Lauer back in the saddle again.

My outboard motor has been broken, but I’m back in action. Speaking of action, let me tell you about my trip on Lake Osborne today. Today I was out with Jeff White and his son Jordan from Delray Beach Florida, these two are considered the father and son Peacock bass slaying team from South Florida.

Today’s trip reminded me of a Forest Gump quote. That “life’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Lake Osborne reminds me of a box of chocolates, you never know what the heck you’re gonna catch. We caught over 20 peacock bass, the biggest one being a giant at (5 lb – 14oz) five pounds and fourteen ounces. The second biggest was a well-respected (4 lbs – 8 oz) four pounds and eight ounces.

Like that wasn’t good enough, additionally we caught a Clownknife fish that I did not weight but was probably pushing (10 lbs) ten pounds. Also (3) three catfish, a Black Crappie, several Mayan Cichlids and (7) seven largemouth bass in today’s catch fest.

The big change in the fishing is the drop in water temperature, it has reached 75 degrees. When it does, it makes for great weather and good times for the angler and the fish!

Stay tuned, I will be fishing on Lake Okeechobee all next week. So until then, tight lines from Capt Dave!

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