To The Last Cast Made

To The Last Cast Made

Hi everybody, This is Capt John Leech with my fishing report as a Lake Toho fishing guide, I guided Rae and her husband out on the water today, and we had a really good day I mean, we all had a great time. They caught fish from the first 10 minutes into the trip to the last cast made at the end of the day; it was just a fantastic day. I don’t know if the numbers. They were high we probably caught somewhere around 22 to 23 Bass. Or big Bass of the day was about five and a half pounds. But it was a great time, we had lots of fun, and that’s it for now; for all your freshwater fishing adventures, go BassOnline with this Capt John leech creating memories one fish at a time.

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Captain John Leech is a full-time guide for over 20 years in Central Florida. He specializes in Central Florida bass fishing and is one of the best at targeting trophy size large-mouth bass in Orlando. His first guide trip was in Leesburg, Florida, on the Harris Chain of Lakes. By 1983 I was fortunate to be able to do the one thing I loved the most, FISH, and make a living doing it. That is what I call a dream job Central Florida Bass Fishing Guide no doubt that fishing in Orlando is one of the best in the world.


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