Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing in Central Florida

Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass

Schooling summer largemouth bass is about to end, but bass fishing will only begin. The fishing during these summer months is still active and hot. If you love action and a lot of fish, now is the time to catch fish. You can be out on the water for a short period and have action all trip long. It is that time of year when schooling summer largemouth bass fishing is at a prime. We hope to show you around one of the many Central Florida destinations and fisheries.

Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass 1Our local experts are an essential part of catching fish in Central Florida. The largemouth bass is always on the move and in search of bait. Years of experience and knowledge have allowed our local expert to get you on the fish faster. They have determined seasonal patterns and daily patterns. Captain Brent Nelson is an excellent fishing guide, especially on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, FL.

Check out this Kissimmee Florida Fishing Update:

Captain Brent enjoyed Schooling summer largemouth bass fishing with repeat clients Johnathan, his son JD, James, and Cliff. They were visiting Central Florida to get out on the water for fun. Lake Toho Bass Fishing was the perfect option for them. It was a quick 4-hour fishing trip that produced some nice fish.

Live bait is one of the best methods to catch bass in Florida. It is a quick and effective method to put big bass in the boat. These guys managed to put over 15 largemouths in the boat. Three of those fish were in the 4-pound range. The bass was schooling over submerged vegetation on the main lake in 5 feet of water.

Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass 3When it comes to Florida Bass Fishing, there is no better place than Central Florida. John, JD, James, and Cliff enjoyed their time with Captain Brent on the water. Captain Brent is looking forward to getting them back on the water soon!

Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Brent returned to the water. He had the pleasure of fishing with Scott and his son Corey on Lake Toho. They traveled to Kissimmee, FL, to catch some quality largemouth bass. Lake Toho had some quality fishing in-store for them.

The Day only got better!

Scott and Corey spent 6-hours on Lake Toho. They split the trip up with wild-caught live shiners along with artificial baits. The artificial bite was super strong on this fishing trip. Scott and Corey caught bass on swim jigs, spinnerbaits, rattle traps, and speed worms. When throwing artificial baits, you should focus on submerged vegetation along with sparse hydrilla on the main lake.

Central Florida is known for some big bass. Corey came in strong on this fishing trip and got himself at personal best Central Florida largemouth bass weighing in at 6 pounds. Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass bass tends to go on live bait when fishing in Florida.

Scott and Corey had a fantastic Schooling Summer Largemouth Bass time on the water in Kissimmee, FL. Captain Brent is looking forward to getting them back on the water soon for more big bass!
Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure in Central Florida on your next visit. The bass fishing will continue to get better. Summertime fishing has been fantastic and truly exciting. There are so many fish to be caught and different fisheries to experience. Our local experts work hard to make your fishing dreams a reality, and we hope to see you on the water next time!

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