Miami Airport Lakes Fishing Charter- Peacock Bass

Miami Airport Lakes Fishing Charter

Hello this is Capt Kirk Osborne with my fishing report for Airport Lakes .

Today, I had the pleasure to fish with Wayne and Matthew on a Miami Airport Lakes Fishing Charter. Peacock Bass Fishing has been heating up and is definitely a unique experience.

The bite started off quick, putting a 3-pound peacock in the boat by Wayne. Shortly after, Matthew landed a 4 pounder. Catching a few more, we continued to search for the big peacocks I know live here.

Heading back to Blue Lagoon, Matthew got a good largemouth on topwater moving baits. He also caught another 3-pound peacock bass on the same topwater bait.

It was definitely a great trip out there and I am looking forward to fishing with them again.

For all your fishing needs and if you want to come to catch a peacock today, contact us at BassOnline for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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It all started in 1969 when my father started taking us to the Everglades to go fishing. First, it was small panfish, but then one of my best memories. It was when my dad took an old worm(motor oil green) off of his hook and put it on my pole I caught a 4 pounder and it was then I was hooked on Bass Fishing.


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