March Winter Haven Fishing Report for Florida Largemouth Bass

March Winter Haven Fishing

Here is your current March Winter Haven fishing update for Florida largemouth bass. When you are ready and decide to come back to Florida, getting in the outdoors is a must. Fishing is a great way to experience what this state has to offer. Our safe and private fishing tours can be an excellent option for you. Staying safe is a top priority for us here at Bass Online, and we want to assure you that we are taking full precautions!

The local experts of our private fishing charters are courteous to your needs and will keep you in mind. The fishing won’t be affected by this and March is still a prime time to go out fishing for largemouth bass. You can find some big bass and excellent fishing across the state.

Check out this Winter Haven Chain of Lakes Fishing Update:

Captain’s Note:

Fishing in Winter Garden Fl -Winter-Haven-FishingDuring the prime months of the year, bass will be in various patterns. This month, largemouth bass will spawn around the proper moon phases. April should have another strong spawn. Weather plays a large role in how strong the spawn will be each month.

After major cold fronts occur during this time of year, the largemouth bass will pull off the beds. They will be headed toward the deeper water and grass structures that retain heat. Once the weather switches and a warming trend occur, you will see fish go back on beds.

Use either slow-moving soft plastics or moving bait like chatter bait to locate fish. The slower presentation tends to work best during the cooler water temperature days.
Hop on board, and I can help dial you in on all the action here on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes!

Fishing with Captain Bill Goudy Jr.

“I had the pleasure of fishing with Michael, Mike, and Craig on the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes. This is one beautiful place to visit and experience. It has a lot of excellent bass fishing as well. Michael, Mike, and Craig were traveling to Central Florida on a vacation and wanted to go out fishing for Florida largemouth bass.

They were coming from the cold state of Pennsylvania. While doing so, they wanted to enjoy Florida outdoors and sunshine. Bass fishing was on the menu, and they had a great time on the water. Sunny, windy, and cloudy conditions made the trip interesting.

Michael, Mike, and Craig caught over 10 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. The most successful method to do so was wild-caught live shiners. After dialing them in on the action, they started catching fish consistently. Shiner fishing can get tricky for most anglers that are not used to it, but you pick it up rather quickly!

These guys had a great time, and I look forward to returning them back on the water again soon!”

On my second trip, the bite was on fire with some bigger bass!

Lakeland, Florida is a fantastic place to visit here in Central Florida. If you are looking for an outdoor experience like no other, the Winter Haven Chain of Lakes can provide you with one.

I had the pleasure of fishing with A.J. and Calvin traveling from Indiana to escape the cold weather. While doing so, they wanted to explore what bass fishing had to offer—sunny and breezy conditions made for a strong bite.

Water temperatures were in the range of 68-70 degrees. Cold fronts have been moving in and out of Florida, but the weather is stable now. As the temperatures rise, you will begin to see even stronger action.

March-Winter-Haven-FishingThe trip started out with bass over 5 pounds and several others in the 2-3 pound range. The first spot slowed down, and then we moved around a bit to see the chain of lakes and find some new water to fish. After a short while, the fish bite turned on again.

AJ and Calvin ended their day with over 15 largemouth bass in the boat. They caught 2 over 5 pounds and several 3-4 pound bass. The action is red hot and is only going to continue to get better as the warm weather stays.

AJ and Calvin had a great time on the water, and I am looking forward to seeing them again soon!” – Captain Bill Goudy Jr

Come Catch Yours TODAY!

The Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is a great family fishing destination. When times are safe, take a private tour and get outdoors. The fresh air, a fully-sanitized boat, and staying away from the crowds could be great ways to spend time in Florida. We hope to get the chance to show you around and are always here for any questions you may have.

Hope to see you on the water next time on a March Winter Haven Fishing trip!


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