Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing Charters in Kissimmee, FL

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing

Are you traveling to Central Florida in the near future? Are you going to the tourist attractions and looking for additional activities to embark on? Kissimmee Florida Bass Fishing is one of the best ways to experience Central Florida. Hop on board with one of our local experts and catch the fish of a lifetime. The Largemouth Bass are biting this time of year as the spawn is in full effect. Check out our Lake Toho group bass fishing charters on your next visit to Florida.

One of the advantages of bass fishing in Kissimmee with our local experts is that you will be on fish all trip long. They work endlessly and as a team to make sure we provide the anglers with the best experience possible. If you are looking for the ultimate way to Experience Kissimmee Florida, our bass fishing charters is the way to go.

Here is a Kissimmee Bass Fishing Update:

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 4
Captain Devin Dickerson embarked on a double fishing trip. The first one took place in the morning and one was in the afternoon. Lake Toho Bass Fishing is the perfect place to do this. On Captain Brent’s first trip, he had the pleasure of fishing with Allison and Ryan. This lovely couple was traveling from Connecticut looking for a great experience on the water.

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 3 They had an amazing time catching Florida largemouth bass all trip long. The preferred method was using wild-caught shiners and artificial baits. Hydrilla was the main focus along with pencil reeds. If you are an artificial fisherman, the best baits were a zoom super fluke, speed worm, rattletrap, and June bug senkos. Ryan and Allison caught 32 largemouth bass. Most of the bass caught were between 2-4 pounds. The biggest bass brought to the boat weighed right at 6 pounds.

You truly can’t beat the action while bass fishing here in Kissimmee. Allison and Ryan will be back in the future for more action and Captain Brent is looking forward to it while Lake Toho Bass Fishing!

Continued Day after Day

Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of fishing with David and Anna Barnes. They were traveling from the United Kingdom looking to spend some vacation time in Central Florida. While doing so, they also wanted to get out on the water and experience fishing for the first time. It was a quick afternoon fishing trip jammed packed with great action.

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 1 David and Anna both caught their personal best fish over and over. Every cast yielded yet another nice fish. The best method for newcomers is wild caught live shiners. If you focus your attention on submerged hydrilla beds, you have the best chance of catching big bass. The largest bass was taken by Anna weighing in at 5.75 pounds. They had a fantastic time catching bass after bass and will be back for more action on their next visit!

Captain Brent is looking forward to showing them around and getting them on even better fish on Lake Toho!

The next day, Captain Steve Niemoeller, Captain John Leech, and Captain Brent adventured out on a three-boat fishing trip. They had the pleasure of fishing with the Mount Pleasant High School Fishing Team. While traveling from Tennessee, they wanted to explore what Lake Toho in Kissimmee, FL had to offer.

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 7 The bass fishing was incredible on this fishing trip. Captain Steve had a great time with these guys catching over 20 largemouth bass. The average weight for the best 5 came in at 15 pounds. It was a quick 6-hour fishing trip with all the action that was taking place. They had never caught bass using wild-caught live shiners, so the experts got to show them a little flavor of how to catch Florida bass.

Captain Devin had the pleasure of fishing with Bobby, Priscilla, and Joelton. They also caught several bass on wild-caught live shiners and artificial baits. The best baits were the ones mentioned above in the previous trips. Joelton caught the largest fish and his personal best weighing 5.12 pounds.

Back to Back Great Experiences

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 6 Captain John had an interesting and exciting morning with this group as well. The fog was strong during the early morning hours. You could barely see but it was still safe to run if you knew the lake. Luckily, Captain John knows the lake and went to a spot he knew would be holding fish.

Within minutes of getting to their spot, they found a school of bass. They had 9 fish in the boat before you knew it. It was a blast to see this group of young kids has a blast catching bass. After realizing that the school was big enough for more, Captain John called over Captain Steve and they all had a great time catching fish. Even though we were in a team tournament within boats, Captain John still helped a team member out to make everyone have a great time.

Lake Toho Group Bass Fishing 8 The Mount Pleasant group got to learn something new on their fishing trip along with catching lots of quality largemouth bass. Our Captains are looking forward to getting back on the water soon with this group.

Lake Toho Bass Fishing in Kissimmee, FL is one amazing outdoor adventure. Luckily for you, the bass fishing is getting even better. As the spawn continues, big bass will continue to come in. If you are looking for an amazing time on the water, now is the time to come fishing. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours Today…

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