Kissimmee Big Bass Adventures while Lake Toho Fishing in Florida

Kissimmee Big Bass Adventures

Have you asked yourself “What can I do with my family in Kissimmee, FL?” Getting in the outdoors is one of the best ways to spend time in Central Florida. When it comes to outdoor activities, bass fishing is at the top of the list. Bring your family along on our Kissimmee big bass adventures for a trip of a lifetime!

Lake Toho Bass Fishing is starting to heat up. The weather is getting cooler and the bass is starting their preparation for the upcoming spawn. If you want to catch big bass, now is the time to do it. Our local experts can take you out on the water and put you around some of the biggest bass of your life. Captain Brent Nelson, Steve Niemoeller, and John Leech are some of the BEST guides on the water.

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Capt Devin Alive and Well

Captain Devin Dicherson had the pleasure of fishing with Brian and Rebekah. They were traveling from New Jersey looking to get themselves into some bass fishing. Weather can play an effect on fishing here in Florida but the cooler weather enhanced the fishing on this trip. Sometimes you have to be patient and know it is about to begin!

Shortly into their quick 4-hour fishing trip, Brian and Rebecca started bringing bass to the boat. Even though the bite was slower, they had a lot of fun. One of the things they loved the best was reeling in their personal best. Lake Toho showed out on this fishing trip with over 20 bass in the boat. The biggest bass weighed close to 6 pounds. Rebekah was super excited about the alligator gar she caught as well.

Rebekah and Brian will be back for more action and Captain Devin is looking forward to getting them hooked up again!
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Capt Steve keeping the Fish Honest

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Steve Niemoeller adventured out on Lake Toho. Colder weather across the United States has drawn people to beautiful sunny Florida. Don’t leave your entire cold-weather gear home as cold fronts have moved in on us periodically. Captain Steve had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff and his father-in-law Norm and son Dale. They were traveling from Maine escaping the cold and looking to set the hook into some bass fishing.
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Lake Toho was the perfect destination for them. They wanted to explore the lake with artificial baits and live baits. It was a great day of fishing for them with over 20 bass in the boat. Most of the fish were in the range of 3-4 pounds. The biggest bass was reeled in by Dale weighing 6 pounds even.

There is nothing like bass fishing in Central Florida. Jeff, Norm, and Dale will be back for more action on Lake Toho soon! Captain Steve is looking forward to getting them out on the water.

Capt John Closing out a Great Trip

The next morning, Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with Joshua, He was traveling to Florida to get hooked on some largemouth bass. You never know what the fishing conditions will allow but this time of year has been fantastic. Big bass is biting and Joshua had a blast reeling them in.
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The trip started out strong with a double hook-up in the boat. You just don’t beat the action here on Lake Toho. After landing this double, Joshua reeled in a monster bass weighing 6.5 pounds. Josh is looking forward to getting back on the water and reeling in some more great fish.

Bass fishing on Lake Toho is just starting to pick up. This place is absolutely stunning. Lots of fun stuff to see and experience. If you are visiting or looking to experience Kissimmee in a different way this holiday season, get on some big bass with us. We won’t let you down and we look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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