Florida Personal Best Fishing For Kissimmee Largemouth Bass

Florida Personal Best Fishing

You have arrived in Central Florida and more specifically Kissimmee on a vacation. While doing so, the great outdoors has been on your mind. Exploring the waters of Central Florida for largemouth bass was always something interesting to you. As your vacation goes on, you pull the trigger and as a result, you experience a Florida personal best fishing charter with our local experts.

One of the neat things about getting in the outdoors, every experience is unique. You can go explore a fishery one day and not get the same experience the next. A fundamental key to having a great time on the water, especially when looking to go fishing is a local expert. Years of quality experience not only with fishing and working with customers to provide them the adventure they are after. When you select our local experts, you are in good hands!

Check out how the Lake Toho Bass Fishing in Kissimmee, FL with our Local Expert can produce for you:

Florida Personal Best Fish on Lake JuneMeet Steve and Marissa, they were traveling to Central Florida from Southern California. While enjoying the Florida weather, bass fishing was on their mind. As a result, they explored what Lake Toho had to offer. Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of showing them around and what this beautiful fishery can produce.

Sunny, windy, and on occasion some clouds made for a fantastic day of fishing. Steve and Marissa had a blast while Lake Toho fishing with both wild-caught live shiners and artificial baits. One of the best parts about bass fishing in Florida is that you have the opportunity to fish both at any time, especially on a Florida Personal Best Fishing Charter.

The main structure that was holding fish on this trip was submerged vegetation. The windy conditions made for the best bite as it pushed bait around and into key locations. Live bait was presented on a float that pushed up against the open water hydrilla. After short minutes in the water, the bait was sucked down!

After using live bait, Steve and Marisa also caught fish on sencos, worms, and flukes. It was in the same area but around more sparse patches of grass. Steve and Marisa had an epic and awesome double up with both of their personal best bass coming in. Steve caught a 5.85 pound largemouth on artificial baits and Marissa caught a 6.81-pound largemouth bass on a shiner.

The action was hot and heavy with over 35 largemouth bass in the boat. It was an experience that they did not expect to happen and will never forget. When the fishing is this good, you want more and more of it. To say the least, they had a great time! They will most certainly be back for more action in the near future and Captain Brent is looking forward to getting them back out on the water soon!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Mark and his son were traveling to Kissimmee, FL. They were coming from Kansas looking to cash in on some of the Florida bass fishing they always here about. Captain Gino Losi had the pleasure of getting out on the water with them.

Cloudy conditions made the bass fishing interesting. Captain Gino found some offshore brush piles that were holding fish but the largest concentrations of fish were on the outside grass lines. Lake Toho’s south end was the most productive area on this fishing trip.

Yet again, sparse patches of hydrilla on the outside edges brought in some decent numbers of male bass. The water depth was about 6 feet. Mark and his son caught over 15 largemouth bass on this fishing trip. They had a blast learning more about the lake and getting out on the water. Florida Personal Best Fishing 2
Captain Gino is looking forward to seeing this family again on the water soon!

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As you can see, the bass fishing is starting to get hot. Temperature changes are stirring up all kinds of action. Our local experts will work hard to make sure they get you on the best fish possible. Lake Toho is a fantastic selection when looking to cash in on some beautiful largemouth bass. Conditions are only going to continue to get better and the bass fishing will start producing some trophy-sized fish.

We hope you get the chance to experience it on your next vacation to Central Florida! See you on the water next time!!

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