Florida Peacock Bass Charter

Florida Peacock Bass Charter

South Florida can be the perfect place to experience the beautiful beaches or a Florida Peacock Bass Charter that could last a lifetime. There are not many places that grant this opportunity.

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with James and his daughter Jen. They are traveling from Pennsylvania where they have had the opportunity to explore many different styles of fishing. Lake Ida is a beautiful place to experience it all.

While the United States can offer many different fishing destinations, South Florida is best known for its expansive Peacock Bass Fishing. They have fished Canada and many other states but today was about catching the Florida peacock bass.

It was a great day of fishing. James and Jen caught a multitude of species from peacock bass, and largemouth bass to Mayan cichlids. They had a blast the whole adventure.

We are looking forward to fishing with James again. He is thinking about coming back down soon to experience what Lake Okeechobee has to offer.

If you are looking for a great day of fishing, contact us today and book an amazing trip with us.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Kirk Osborne on beautiful Lake Ida.

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It all started in 1969 when my father started taking us to the Everglades to go fishing. First, it was a small panfish, but then one of my best memories. It was when my dad took an old worm(motor oil green) off of his hook and put it on my pole I caught a 4 pounder and it was then I was hooked on Bass Fishing


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