First Ever Peacock Bass

First Ever Peacock Bass

Lake Ida is a location in Palm Beach that has a thriving peacock bass population. It has become a local hot spot for your First Ever Peacock Bass.

Today I had the pleasure to fish with Sandy and his friend Ed from Delray. They are from South Florida and love to regularly fish. Ed has never caught a peacock bass before and was in for a treat.

The weather conditions were perfect with bright blue skies and a light wind.

We fished multiple locations around the Lake. Our first spot produced a couple of fish but not the numbers we were looking for. We then moved to our hot spot.

It was there that the bite turned on. Ed started catching them up with almost 5 in a row. Then Sandy took his turn getting one after another.

They landed over 25 Peacock Bass with the biggest weighing in at 3.57 lbs.

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Come Catch Yours with Captain Kirk Osborne on beautiful Lake Ida.

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It all started in 1969 when my father started taking us to the Everglades to go fishing. First, it was small panfish, but then one of my best memories. It was when my dad took an old worm(motor oil green) off of his hook and put it on my pole I caught a 4 pounder and it was then I was hooked on Bass Fishing.


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