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Lake Ariana can be found in Polk County in Central Florida. It is also on the Auburndale USGS quad topo map. Lake Ariana, latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 28.0797, -81.7984 and the altitude is 135 feet (41 meters).

Lake Ariana Fishing

Anyone interested in fishing Lake Ariana should consult one of our local guides and check resources before heading out to fish. Anglers quite often fish Lake Ariana and there are several bass fishing clubs that fish yearly tournaments on this lake with good success. They can tell you went, what they caught the fish, and how the experience ranked overall.

There is a local tackle shop called Reds, this is another great resource for information. We fish this lake with request only, because of it’s size it can be very productive in the right times of the year.

Good luck and good fishing!

Closest Town: Auburndale

Lake Size: 1,026 Acres

The lake has Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Black Crappie.

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