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Yellow River Florida

Yellow River Florida

Canoe Trail on Yellow River is located in the western Panhandle near Crestview and offers 56 miles of paddling. The two fish camps near the river’s mouth provide adequate access to the iver Fl system south of Milton. Numerous landings are along the riverbank, including fish camps near the mouth of the Crestview, Blackman, Milligan, and Holt southeast of Milton.

The Yellow River Fl has faster currents than other Florida rivers. This river is part of Florida’s Statewide System of Greenways and Trails. It’s trails, are bordered by hardwood forests, and sandy banks with sandbars on some of the curves. Amazingly the river widens downstream and becomes more placid through cypress-gum swamps. Long sections of the trail that are undeveloped offering beautiful views of wildlife, particularly birds and turtles are sunning on logs.

About the Fishing

 Yellow River fishing is fair for largemouth bass fishing is from January through March. Overall, bass fishing should pick up dramatically toward the middle of March. Bream fishing may be a bit slow this time of the year, but should also pick up at the end of March. The falling tide will produce the best results, which should be best in the lower part of the river. Effective baits to use for bass include plastic worms and any spinner-type lure. Lower Yellow River harbors other sport fishes such as spotted sea trout and redfish and bass. Winter season is usually an excellent time to fish for sea trout. Live mullet make good bait for sea trout.

The upper Yellow River should provide a mixed bag of largemouth bassspotted bassredear sunfish (shellcracker), bluegill, spotted sunfish, warmouth, and shadow bass. Fishing success in the upper river depends largely upon water levels. The current low water levels have concentrated fish that should increase success but may create access problems with exposed snags and sandbars. Anglers should check the river stage before visiting the upper river.

Striped bass will also be available during the colder days of winter and early spring. Dawn and dusk are the prime times for striper fishing. In the lower, tidal section of the river, you should fish around points of land extending into the river. Live mullet or menhaden make good baits, live shrimp, or twister-tail type jigs are also appropriate baits in this area. Bass is available in the Yellow River Florida fishing because of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s long-term stocking efforts.

FREQUENT Asked Question of Yellow River

Where is yellow river in florida?

The Yellow is a 118-mile-long (190 km) river in the southern United States which runs through Alabama and Florida. It empties into Blackwater Bay, an arm of Pensacola Bay. U.S. Geological Survey. National Hydrography Dataset high-resolution flowline data.

What is the Yellow River system?

Good access to the River system is provided by two fish camps near the mouth of the river (Brown’s and Lindsey’s), south of Milton, and numerous landings along the river, including Holt (Guest Lake Landing), Milligan (below Highway 90), Crestview (highways 85 and 90), Blackman (Highway 2), and the Highway 87 crossing southeast of Milton.

Where is the Blackwater River in Florida?

The Blackwater River is a 58-mile long river in which 49-miles are in Florida. The river’s headwaters start in the Conecuh National Forest of Southern Alabama and enter Florida in Okaloosa County. The river flows from Okaloosa County through Santa Rosa County to Blackwater Bay, an arm of Pensacola Bay.

Where is the Yellow River Marsh Preserve?

The Old Yello River FL Marsh Preserve State Park is located in Santa Rosa County on Garcon Point, which separates Escambia Bay from Blackwater Bay. Nearly 20 rare and endangered species of plants and animals make their homes along the bay and its wet prairies, dome swamps, and Flatwoods.

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yellow river
Good information, would like more info on lower end of river. Have not fished this river before, so anyone's help would be appreciated. A good detailed map of this area would be great?
- Harold Coverdale
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