Starke Lake

Starke Lake Fl

Starke Lake is a 200-acre lake in Orange County. The FWC and the City of Ocoee have partnered together to make this one of the most “angler-friendly” lakes in the area. Facilities include A two-lane boat ramp with adjacent outdoor bathrooms; an ADA accessible fishing pier (equipped with fish feeders that activate in the morning and evening); an enhanced shoreline area aquascaped for bank fishing; four oak-brush fish attractors (one which can be reached on a long cast from the pier); picnic tables and a fountain.

Starke Lake fishing largemouth bass are abundant in this lake, but at times local fishermen have difficulty catching them due to the lake’s relatively deep water. In the winter/spring, flipping soft Texas-rigged craws in the Kissimmee grass and cattails is really good. Also, try running lipless crankbaits (Rattle Trap) along the outside edges of the emergent vegetation. Carolina rig plastics work well, fished over drop-offs with associated submerged vegetation. A Texas-rigged worm is always a good standby for fishing the attractors. Starke Lake was the only lake of all the local lakes in the area, to be stocked for more than one year. It received 34,000 black nose crappie in 1998 (1,025 fish/acre) and 45,500 in 1999 (1,370 fish/acre).

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