Sawgrass Lake

Sawgrass Lake is in Tampa Bay Florida, part of Pinellas County, take 62nd Avenue North from U.S. 19 to 25th Street North. Lake Sawgrass – ringed with willow, habitat is marginal; no waterfowl observed. A mile of elevated boardwalk that winds through maple swamp and oak hammock and an overlook tower provides visitors a view of this park’s swamps, canals, and lake.

Sawgrass LakeAbout Sawgrass Lake

There is also the Anderson Environmental Center with a large freshwater aquarium and exhibits that depict the geological, biological, and cultural forces that shaped the park and surrounding area.
Wildlife look for apple snails on the lake’s edge, as well as turtles, alligators, and snakes sunning on exposed logs. White ibis, common moorhens, herons, and egrets are common.

Sawgrass Lake Park was designed for people interested in observing and learning about nature. The Sawgrass Lake project began in 1972 to provide flood protection to the city of Pinellas Park. A water-control structure was built to facilitate drainage canal improvements and to maintain desirable water level fluctuations in Sawgrass Lake and the surrounding swamp.

The District retains responsibility for operating the water-control structure. The lake and swamp system also provide natural water treatment to enhance the quality of water draining out of Lake Tarpon to Tampa Bay. [Read More…]

Sawgrass Lake Map