Early Morning Weekend Trip for Florida Largemouth Bass

Early Morning Weekend Trip

Here is a fishing report for an early morning weekend trip with Captain Steve Niemoeller along with a trip in the afternoon the next day!

Florida bass fishing is about to start picking up. Central Florida is a great destination to come visit. If you are looking for an incredible fishing experience for largemouth bass, come explore with one of our local experts. Captain Steve Niemoeller has been fishing here for years. He will work endlessly to get you on some quality bass all trip long.

Captain Steve had the pleasure of fishing with Marl and his son Grant. They were traveling to Orlando to get away on an in-state vacation from Hollywood, Florida. It was an early morning adventure on Lake Toho. They were skeptical about Lake Toho Bass Fishing because they got skunked last time they were visiting. Captain Steve was not going to let that happen to them again. Early Weekend Fishing Trip 1

Originally, Mark and Grant wanted to fish the Butler Chain of Lakes but they had to get out earlier in the morning. The Butler Chain opens up too late for them as they had to be out of their hotel room. Luckily, they had an amazing day on the water and will be back in December.

Lead us to the Bass

Mark and Grant put 20 largemouth bass in the boat. They did not catch anything of great size but had a lot of fun just setting the hook and reeling them in. December should even be a stronger month for them to come as the bass will be getting ready to spawn. Captain Steve had a blast fishing with them and is looking forward to their next adventure.

Just shortly after this great fishing trip, Captain Steve adventured out on an afternoon fishing trip on Lake Toho. He had the pleasure of fishing with Rick from Ohio who wanted to keep things interesting on his fishing trip. Rick wanted to try some fly fishing for largemouth bass along with using live wild-caught shiners. Enjoying some time away from his profession as an IT professional, it was a great time on the water.

Unfortunately, Rick could not catch any bass on the fly but caught nice bream. All his largemouth bass came on shiners. He put some decent numbers and quality bass in the boat with the best weighing 3.5 pounds. Rick is looking forward to his next adventure on Lake Toho. Every adventure can lead him to catch the biggest bass of his life.

If you are looking for an additional outdoor activity while visiting Central Florida, don’t count out bass fishing. Lake Toho in Kissimmee is the perfect option for you. Our local experts will show you a great time. Here at Bass Online, we can help you find the perfect fishing adventure for you whether freshwater or saltwater. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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