Choosing a Drop Shot Rig for Bass Fishing: Why It’s a Good Idea?

Drop shot fishing is a technique most commonly associated with freshwater predator fishermen. Invented in Japan for extremely stressed largemouth bass, the drop shot rig for bass was enthusiastically accepted and advanced in the United States. 

The primary species for which we are targeting are bass of all types. However, as we discovered, this approach correctly identified various other species, including smallmouth bass, striped bass, crappie, and even others! It even outperformed some more traditional lure-fishing methods in certain situations.

The drop shot, formerly assumed to be exclusively a deep water presentation, has now been developed to be fished deep, shallow, and in between. Although the rig may be effective all year, it is most successful at catching bass in the summer. Warm waters, intense fishing pressure, boat traffic, or sluggish bass all contribute to the drop-quality shot’s shining through.

In this article, we’ll provide you with info about what exactly is a drop shot rig for bass, why to choose it, and how to fish with one.

What Is a Drop Shot Rig for Bass?

Drop Shot RigsIt’s critical to grasp the fundamentals of the drop shot rigs for bass and why it’s so powerful. A drop shot is simply any fishing arrangement with the hook above the weight. The term stems from the fact that the “shot,” or weight, is “dropped” below the hook.

Of course, setups like that have existed in some form or another. Chicken rigs, catfish rigs, cheater rigs, and deep-water devices for the open ocean are all drop-shots. This is where our lesson comes in

Compared to other fishing methods, the drop-shot rig, in whatever configuration, has a unique appearance. Because the sinker is below the bait, it becomes a slack-line method after the rig is on the bottom.

That is why drop-shot fishing is so successful. Weightless lures like Senkos and wacky rigs, all great fishing rigs for fussy fish bass, are well-known to bass anglers. A drop shot bass rig may give you that deep-water appearance and appeal without waiting forever for your bait to sink, which is crucial.

Why Choose Drop Shot Rigs for Bass?

The drop shot setup is adequate for bass fishing, and there are three reasons why you should consider it. 

The first is correctly delivering the bait or lure at the fish’s eye level. Second, you may utilize tiny profile baits on a drop shot to make them appear more natural. 

Finally, the drop shot rig enables you to swiftly reach the bottom of deep fishing holes. The above are just a few of the numerous reasons a drop shot appears to always work for bass fishing:

  • Depth and speed: A bass drop shot rig allows you to get down between 15 and 60 feet deep quickly. Getting a crankbait down deeper than 20 feet is challenging, so that’s generally when a drop shot shines. By using bigger weights, you may enhance the pace of your lure to the bottom.
  • Presentation: The length of the leader between the hook and weight is critical to having a decent presentation of your bait or lure on a drop shot. When bass sits directly on the bottom, your hook should be placed a few inches above the weight to maintain the bait at eye level and lure fish into eating.
  • Profile: The drop shot makes it possible to fish ultra-finesse profile baits. On a drop shot, baits an inch or bigger can be successful. Choose a hook the same size as your bait to create a natural profile. 

How to Fish a Drop Shot Rig for Bass?

Fishing with a drop shot rig for bass is much the same as fishing with other bottom bait. Dragging it along the bottom, rattling it on the retrieve, and vertically fishing for spotted fish using marine electronics are three established methods for catching them with this approach.

  1. Dragging: Anglers can replicate a tiny bait fish swimming just above the bottom by dragging a drop-shot. The strategy allows covering more water while still attracting monster bass.
  2. Shaking: Shaking the rod might cause the bait to behave erratically, considering the movement the drop-shot setup generates. This is a suitable method for attracting bass from a distance. Shake your rod less when the water is cold. This is when the bass tends to be less active.
  3. Vertical: The drop shot is at its best when the casting is vertical. It may be dropped at any depth and fished with a little shake after it touches the bottom. Anglers may drop, shake, and then allow it to fall again to repeat the motion.

How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig for Bass?

It takes some experience to tie a drop shot for bass, but after a few repetitions, it becomes much simpler and second nature to the fisherman. We’ll go through the procedure step by step.

  1. Tie a hook. We usually attach a hook to the rope with a tag end of 12 to 18 inches. The tag end is then fed back through the top eye of the hook, where the point is pointing up, and runs out the bottom to make the hook stand out straight on the line.
  2. Add weight. Put a weight at the end of the line. Tie on a standard bell sinker or a particular drop shot weight with a clip.
  3. Hook the plastics. Add the lure to the hook using an under-the-chin configuration or  Texas rig.
  4. Vary weights and lengths. Like the Carolina rig, anglers may customize the drop shot by using longer leads between the lure and the sinker with different weights. We utilize the lowest weight for a more natural presentation while still feeling the lure and bottom. 

Drop Shot Lures for Bass

The Drop Shot Bass Rig: Final Words

Every bass angler should know how to use the drop shot rig for bass. This rig contributes to winning bass fishing events year-round, especially during the spawning season or on smallmouth fish. It is particularly successful because the drop shot lets you retain your bait in the best possible location without moving it away from the fish. 

Don’t be obstinate. Use a drop shot to show how much more enjoyable fishing can be when your friends and family join you in catching bass.


What is the best drop shot setup?

A size two finesse hook, with a 1/8-3/4-ounce drop, shot weight, and a 6-inch finesse worm, would be a perfect drop shot setup. 

Do drop shots catch big bass?

Yes. Drop shots are highly effective for catching big largemouth and smallmouth bass. But also works great for catching lots of fish.

What size rod is best for a drop shot?

Rods most suited for the drop shot rig are typically 6ft 5″ to 8ft in length, with a throwing weight ranging from 0.5 to 12 grams.

People Also Ask

How deep do you fish a drop shot?

The drop shot setup simplifies suspending the bait approximately 14 inches off the bottom. Use the tag end to tie the hook, allowing at least a foot and a half between the two.

Should I use a swivel with a drop shot?

Drop-shotting with a standard hook and a Palomar knot is a wise option to utilize a swivel when you use drop shot rig for bass.

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