Backwater Canal Bass Fishing Charter in Miami Florida

Backwater Canal Bass Fishing

Backwater Canal Bass Fishing is the only way to experience Miami. Exotics roam the freshwater canal systems in our urban fisheries. Florida Peacock Bass are some of the most exciting species to catch. If you like a hard fight and big fish, Miami is the destination for you. Take your family on a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Freshwater Fishing can be the perfect break for you to experience all that Florida has to offer. While thinking about what to do when you are done with the beach and shopping in Florida, don’t overlook the fishing. Peacock bass are abundant in our waterways and are waiting for you to come to catch them.

Our local expert, Captain Robert Miley knows all the techniques and ways to catch your personal best. If you are looking for the ultimate peacock bass fishing experience, he is the Captain you want to fish with. You won’t be able to find someone more knowledgeable and friendly as Captain Bob. Living in South Florida for many years, he knows where the fish are swimming.

Lindsi and her best friend Vance were looking to explore what Miami had to offer. While traveling from Polk County on vacation, they wanted to catch peacock bass. This was going to be a birthday present for Vance and one he will remember. A quick 4-hour fishing trip is all you need during these warm summer months.
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Fishing conditions were nice for a great day on the water. Air temperatures were hot sitting at 91 degrees. Water temperatures were rising as well at 84 degrees. When temperatures get like this, you have to move around quite a bit in order to find the bass.

Miami International Airport Lakes are a great place to experience Miami Bass Fishing. Water was flowing out of the back canals of Blue Lagoon making for some productive fishing. Lindsi and Vance landed 10 quality peacock bass with the biggest weighing 3 pounds. Peacock bass at this size range fight really and are exciting to catch.

Captain Bob is looking forward to the next opportunity to fish with these amazing friends again!

Just shortly after this incredible fishing trip, Chris Russell and his Boss Greg were visiting and wanted to catch some Miami Bass as well. Backwater Canal Bass Fishing was another great fit for these gentlemen. Chris was traveling to Miami from Tampa and Greg was coming from New York.

It was another quick 4-hour fishing trip that landed them some great fish in the boat. Miami is home to some BIG bass that can be caught almost all year round. Conditions were overcast but once the sun came out the bass began to bite. Chris and Greg caught 6 quality bass with two fish that made the trip. They caught a 4 and 5-pound peacock bass. Anything between this weight range and above is considered trophy bass. The power they put out when you set the hook is something you have to experience.

Captain Miley is looking forward to the next time Chris and Greg come visit and want to catch an even bigger bass!
Summertime bass fishing is at its prime during these months. Fishing will only continue to get better as the spawning season is right around the corner. Don’t miss out on your Summer Backwater Canal Bass Fishing Experience next time Visiting Miami! We will see you on the water next time!

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