March Central Florida Largemouth

Hi this is Capt John Leech with my Lake Toho fishing report.

I had the pleasure to get back out on Lake Toho today and it sure has been producing great days of fishing. The conditions were perfect with a light breeze and the sun shining.

Tom Anderson and his son Tom came out fishing with me. We were on a two day Florida Fishing Adventure. Traveling from the winter in New York, they were off to a beautiful couple of days on Lake Toho.

We did catch a pretty solid fish, right around 5 pounds. You could see that she was all laid out. Healthy fish all year long can be caught on this lake and that is why I continue to fish it.

Catching right around 15 quality fish and 12 the next, I know my clients will be back for more action on Lake Toho. These guys were a blast to fish with.

Catching a couple laughs at my windy day preparation, I am looking forward to fishing with them again soon. March Central Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing has been a blast.

Come Visit Florida, get out of the snow and cold and Catch Yours Today!!!!


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