When you need to go fishing

Rick and Shelly’s 3-day Adventure


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Capt Roger Gonzalez for a great 3 day trip. This year was so much more enjoyable on the Big O and the quality of fish was also much better. The other days at the Pitts were just amazing, as always! If anyone is looking for a great day [...]

Father and Daughter Peacock Fishing Trip


   Tracy and Hillary, did a Half day of Peacock Bass fishing in Miami.  This father and daughter duo are visiting South Florida from Nova Scotia. They had a great day at Airport Lake, and caught some nice fish.  They did great job of catching them, and the memories they made will last a lifetime. [...]

Joe Celestini’s Fishing Experience


                    Just a quick note to say how very pleased I am with you, and my overall customer service experience with bassonline.com From first finding and contacting you through the internet, through booking, follow-up, including confirmation emails and advance phone calls from each guide, your approach and [...]

The Rinaldi’s Family Fishing Trip in Miami

Marshall-Whaling Peacock Bass Fishing

                                          Anthony Rinaldi did a group fishing trip with his friends and family.  The group fished for Peacock Bass in the Miami area. Peacock Bass are usually found in South America, but here in South [...]

Only in South Florida!

Leon Levin Florida Peacock Bass Fishing

                Leon Levin and his two friends went fishing for Peacock Bass in Miami.  Now these fish are only found in south Florida, unless you want to travel to South America to catch them.  These vibrant, colorful fish are known for putting up a fight and breaking lines.  So next time you are [...]

Fishing Fun in Miami

Rick-McNulty-Peacock Bass

                Rick McNulty and wife had a blast in Miami where they did a 3 day Peacock Bass fishing trip. Capt. Roger Gonzalez took them around Miami to a couple different Peacock bass honey holes. One of which is called the Pitts. Where only a few Captains are [...]

Fishing Lake Ida

Patrick Ryan-125x80

              Lake Ida is on fire this summer!  Not only can you catch largemouth bass, but Lake Ida also has peacock bass as well.  There is only a few places in Florida where you an catch both, and Lake Ida is one of them.  Patrick Ryan and 8 friends where lucky enough [...]

Aaron and Matt caught over 60 fish!

Aaron and Matt 125x80

For the past couple of days, I had the pleasure of fishing with my repeat customers Aaron and Matt. They did two full days of Peacock Bass fishing in South Florida. During these two days they caught over 60 fish, with a few largemouth bass mixed in. It was a fun-filled two day adventure with [...]

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