February Miami Bass Fishing for Florida Peacock Bass

February Miami Bass Fishing

Miami, Florida is home to some of the best outdoor adventures you can experience. Whether you want to go out freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, Miami is the destination to visit. When it comes to the most affordable adventure for the whole family, freshwater fishing stands out the most. Miami is filled with endless canals and lake systems that hold some exceptional fishing for peacock bass. Enjoy this February Miami Bass Fishing update to show you more about what Miami has to offer.

Peacock bass is temperature-sensitive. During these cooler months of the year, the bite can be slower but that does not stop the big bass from biting. Every trip you can cash in on the Florida trophy peacock bass which is classified as a 5+ pound peacock bass. Not every trip will yield an exceptional fishing trip like such but if you hit the conditions just right, you can have the trip of a lifetime!

Our local experts are the most fundamental pillars to your success when it comes to catching peacock bass. They are more difficult to catch than we make it seem. Luckily, time on the water and years of knowledge has allowed them to dial in on the action. You are in good hands when looking to come aboard our fishing vessel!

Check out this February Miami Bass Fishing Update to see what you can get yourself into:

Fishing with Captain Robert Miley in Miami, Florida


“Peacock bass are one amazing species to catch. Cool winter weather can make them difficult to catch but some days can really produce some beautiful fish. I know where the fish are at, it just is a matter of patience and letting the sun warm things up.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert and his brother-in-law Rick traveling from Ohio looking to cash in on some peacock bass fishing. While visiting the Lake Placida area in Central Florida, they came down to Miami to crush some exotic species.

Overcast conditions made the fishing conditions tougher than normal. Robert and Rick caught over 8 beautiful peacock bass though weighing up to 5 pounds. Several of the bass weighed in a 3-4 pound range as well.

The fish were on the bottom in deeper and warmer water. We utilized live bait and different techniques to get the bass to come up and eat. You can always find fish but it is not always one right after another.

Robert and Rick had a fantastic time on the water. I am looking forward to seeing them come back to South Florida in search of some more peacock bass fishing action.”

Second trip of the Report:

Airport Lakes fishing is steadily on the rise. The main reason for this is that the water temperatures and air temperatures are rising. When the Florida sun pushes out the cool temps, it really fires up the peacock bass.


I had the pleasure of fishing with Joe and Bill, who was traveling from Indianapolis. They came out on a 6-hour fishing trip in search of Florida peacock bass. We had a fantastic day on the water with a steady bite. Unfortunately, they did not catch any giants but enjoyed the perfect fishing weather.

Joe and Bill used live domestic shiners to land over 10 peacock bass. The biggest fish weighed in at 3 pounds. I always enjoy helping clients check off species and catch some quality ones.
The wind was light on this fishing trip making for a great day on the water. As the weather continues to stabilize, the bite will begin to pick up!

I am looking forward to getting Joe and Bill back out on some excellent fishing here in South Florida!” – Captain Robert Miley

Come Visit Miami and Catch Yours TODAY!!

Bass fishing in Miami is only going to get better as the months roll by. The warmer the weather, the better the bass bite. Big peacock bass is starting to be caught and now is the perfect opportunity to cash in on a giant bass. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with the family, we can get you on the fish of a lifetime.

We hope to see you on the water next time!

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