Summer Topwater Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee

Summer Topwater Bass Fishing

Summer is a great time of year to explore Lake Okeechobee. Every destination on the lake has the strength to produce an excellent day of bass fishing. Summer Topwater Bass Fishing has been the strongest especially in Clewiston, Florida with our local experts.

When it comes to summertime fishing you have to break out your light tackle and have some fun. There is nothing like catching a Florida largemouth bass on lighter lines and rods. Captain Mark Shepard knows all about fishing with light gear this time of year.

Some of the best fishing on Lake Okeechobee will be produced by both live bait and artificial baits. During the early morning hours, throw a variety of topwater baits from small to large. Most of your bites will come on these baits. You can also catch bass flipping and pitching into grass clumps or reeds. Find out where the bass are moving to and form and you will have the best chance of landing a big bass.

Captain Mark Shepard had the pleasure of fishing with Bill, Nancy, and Cole. These were some of his favorite and long-time clients. They love to fish on Lake Okeechobee and it is always a great time when they do. Cole wants to become a professional angler. He is truly a gifted athlete that also loves to play baseball.

Summer Topwater Bass Fishing

Lake Okeechobee blessed this amazing family on this fishing trip. They caught Florida largemouth bass in numbers along with quality. The biggest bass weighed up to 7 pounds. You can’t beat that action in the heat of the summer. This is one of the many reasons why Summer can be the best time to come catch bass on Lake Okeechobee while Clewiston Bass Fishing.

Captain Mark had a blast fishing with Bill, Nancy, and Cole. He is looking forward to the next adventure out on Lake Okeechobee out of Clewiston.

Light tackle and topwater fishing can provide some of the most exciting bass fishing you have ever experienced. When you are visiting Florida, explore what Lake Okeechobee can offer you. We have several locations surrounding the lake that can provide you with all that you are looking for.

Don’t miss out on you Lake Okeechobee summer top water bass fishing adventure soon!

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About Captain Mark Shepard is a full-time guide and touring professional. Experience includes BASS Master, FLW Tours, Everstart, BFL tournaments, and many others. Mark has a list of accomplishments in the fishing industry a mile long including an Everstart WIN on Lake Eufaula, AL. Mark originally from Florida moved to Ohio to sharpen his northern skills and moved back from Ohio years ago to master guiding on world-famous Lake Okeechobee for over 10 years now Learn More


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