Summer Belle Glade Fishing Trip on Southeast Corner of Okeechobee

Belle Glade Fishing Trip

Tucked away on the Southeast corner of Lake Okeechobee sits a little fishing town is known as Belle Glade. This city provides an access point to the beautiful and large Lake Okeechobee. Just a short drive from West Palm Beach, FL, you can be catching largemouth bass all day long. Summertime fishing is heating up and now is the time to explore the waters of this incredible fishery. Our local experts will work hard to get you on fish on your Belle Glade Fishing Trip.

Lake Okeechobee is a vast playground filled with grass, bass, and wildlife. This fishery can make your head spin with the abundance of beautiful scenery along with great waters to fish. Unfortunately, not all areas of Lake Okeechobee hold fish. You may get lucky but getting out on the boat with a local expert can make all the difference in your success on the water. Our local experts have years of experience that have allowed them to make sure you enjoy a day on the water.

Check out this Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report with our Local Experts:

Belle Glade Fishing Trip 1Devin and Samantha were traveling to Florida on vacation this September. While doing so, they wanted to explore and try something new. After doing some searching on Google, they found the right option for them. Florida Bass Fishing was always something they wanted to do, especially on Lake Okeechobee.

Bass Fishing Doesn’t Disappoint

This lovely couple was escaping the extreme heat of Arizona. Captain Dave Lauer had the pleasure and opportunity to show them around Lake Okeechobee. Weather conditions were just right for a summertime fishing fest. Air temperatures reached 90 degrees which was way better than their 110 degrees. Water temperatures were at 88 degrees for most of the day. Devin and Samantha were fishing in the heat of the summer.

Lake Okeechobee water levels have also risen 14 feet above sea level. Now you can fish and run almost anywhere you want with no concerns or issues. Water clarity is good despite the winds coming out of the Northeast. Captain Dave found that clear water and the bite was on.

The bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee was fantastic on this Belle Glade fishing trip. Devin and Sam caught over 30 Florida largemouth bass. They had to miss another 30 bites as well. The fish were feeding which made for a fun day for them. Afternoon cloud cover never rolled through, which made for some interesting conditions.

The most productive bass fishing lures on this fishing trip were flukes, senkos, and worms. After no success in moving baits, a slower presentation triggered an aggressive bait. Devin and Sam both had a blast catching fish all trip long. The biggest fish weighed 4 pounds. They are looking forward to their next adventure on the water. Belle Glade Fishing Trip 2

Captain Dave is as well! He loves getting people on fish, especially on Lake Okeechobee. The action is red hot and now is the time to get out on the water and make your dreams a reality. In the next several months, Lake Okeechobee bass fishing will come alive even more.

The Beauty and Action

The beautiful and wonderful Lake Okeechobee is one incredible place. If you have never had the chance to explore the waters of this outdoor paradise, now is the time. The fishing will only continue to get better as the weather begins to cool. We hope to get the chance to show you around Lake Okeechobee and help you land that bass of a lifetime! See you on the water next time!!

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