Stick Marsh Bass Fishing Capt Mike

Stick Marsh Bass Fishing Capt Jason Young

Hello, this is your Stick Marsh Bass Fishing Capt Mike with a fishing report fishing is still peeking it has not reached its peak yet for the season the cold weather has definitely delayed the peak of the season for us we’re still catching a good number of fish.

But the full force of what stick marsh has to offer has not yet is, in the morning we’re starting out with water temperatures in the low sixties and they’re warming up to the mid-sixties by the afternoon and water is moving more days than it’s not, but it’s not every day that the waters moving, shiners are still producing the most fights and on the artificial side you’ll want to use finesse techniques and work it very very slowly until next time this is Captain Mike wishing you tight lines.

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Capt Mike was raised in rural West Michigan, grew up fishing small inland lakes, farm ponds, and the northern giant Lake Michigan. Also was a paid-on-call firefighter for 7 years, so is anyone concern with the boat catching on fire…Jason your guy! Capt Jason is a top Lake Okeechobee bass fishing guide and is well versed in all types, and styles of fishing. Capt Jason guides on Lake Okeechobee full-time as well in the famed Stick Marsh, Lake Blue Cypress, and Lake Kissimmee.


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