Sparse Grass Bass Fishing for Central Florida Largemouth Bass

Sparse Grass Bass Fishing

When it comes to Florida bass fishing, Central Florida holds some of the best fisheries to explore. There is just something in the water that makes the bass grow large. Vegetation and abundant natural forage also help foster the growth of a great ecosystem. Kissimmee, FL is a great place to explore some sparse grass bass fishing when searching for a giant Florida largemouth bass.

Most anglers travel to Central Florida to go fishing to catch bass on live bait. Wild-caught live shiners can produce some big numbers along with some big bass. You can also enjoy fishing with artificial baits as well. Our local experts come equipped to fish exactly how you want. Take advantage of this time on the water with a local expert and pick their brain about how the bass move and eat so you can have better luck back home.

Check out this Lake Toho Bass Fishing Update with our Local Experts:

Sparse Grass Bass Fishing 2Meet Pete, Ron, and Nick, they were traveling from Kentucky looking to explore what Central Florida bass fishing had to offer. Lake Toho was a great option for them, especially this time of year. This was an afternoon fishing charter with a mix of both live bait and artificial lures. Captain Brent Nelson had the pleasure of helping these guys explore Kissimmee bass fishing.

Conditions were calm and cloudy making for an interesting bite. Pete, Ron, and Nick used a variety of artificial baits including senkos, zoom trick worms, and super flukes to help put the bass in the boat. The main structure was sparse grass that was submerged. Sparse grass bass fishing is a great way to put some nice quality fish in the boat.

After throwing artificial baits, Captain Brent suggested trolling shiners behind the boat. This was only until the right spot presented itself and then they would anchor down and slam the fish on live bait. Pete, Ron, and Nick all had a blast catching bass on Lake Toho. They caught over 25 largemouth bass with the biggest sitting right at 4 pounds.

Captain Brent is looking forward to seeing these guys again in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Micah and his two young ones came to explore what Kissimmee had to offer. They had a blast catching a lot of bass on their short fishing trip. Captain John Leech had the pleasure of fishing with them on Lake Toho. After they got dialed in, a number of bass came to the boat!

Captain John said that he had never seen two young kids enjoy themselves so much. There was some mind-blowing action, and they caught over 25 largemouth bass on their short trip. Everyone got their fair share of the action on this super special trip. Sparse Grass Bass Fishing 3

Micah and his kids had a great time catching bass in Central Florida. Getting in different scenery and catching so many fish was exactly what they were looking to accomplish. Captain John is looking forward to returning to the water with this family again soon!

Come Experience Kissimmee and Catch Yours Today…

Central Florida is the place to visit when looking to have a blast catching largemouth bass. Our local experts spend a lot of time on the water, making sure they provide you with the best experience possible. You never know where your next adventure will lead you. Bring your friends and family along for a fishing adventure of a lifetime on Lake Toho, right in Kissimmee, FL!

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