Social Media Bass Fishing on Lake Okeechobee in South Florida

Social Media Bass Fishing

Social Media is a great place to bring people and a community together. Fishing is a hobby much love and goes to these platforms to communicate with others. You never know when you will be social media bass fishing here in Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Heidi and her boyfriend Andy. Heidi is a social media public figure on Instagram. She has a great following. Andy works for Missile Bait Company and loves helping promote its products.

It was one of those trips that the girls were out fishing the guys. Hiedi is an exceptional angler that loves to bass fish. She catches a large quantity of bass on her own homemade plastic lures. She also loves to deer hunt. You don’t find many women like this.

We went fishing out of Clewiston, Florida. It was a quick 4-hour fishing trip in search of giant largemouth bass. We did not find the big girl but we caught several-quality largemouth bass up to 4 pounds.

It was a blast to be out on the water with Hiedi and Andy. I can’t wait to fish with them again in the future. Don’t miss out on your Lake Okeechobee Fishing Adventure next time visiting the state!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Shepard as your Lake Okeechobee fishing guide.

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