2016 Lake Tohopekaliga Pictures

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About 2016 Lake Toho:

West Lake Tohopekaliga or Lake Toho for short is located adjacent to the City of Kissimmee. The 18,810-acre body of water in Central has a great reputation. It is known among both recreational and tournament anglers for producing excellent fishing and trophy largemouth bass.

The Lake received national attention in 2001 when professional angler Dean Rojas broke all-time B.A.S.S tournament records. He brought in a total weight of 108 pounds of Trophy Bass. During the four day competition, he had two 40- pound-plus limits. As well as catching 21 bass over 10 pounds. It was a great tournament with 251 five-fish limits.

Since then, an extreme draw-down and habitat enhancement project was conducted on the lake in the spring of 2004. They were enhancing the critical shoreline habitat for Trophy Bass and wildlife utilization. In all, 8.4 million yards of organic material and associated vegetation that was too thick was removed. It spanned across 3,506 acres of lake bottom to restore a good fishing habitat. Subsequently, rainfall from the rash of hurricanes in 2004 quickly re-filled the lake to normal levels.

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