2014 Rodman Reservoir Pictures

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2014 Rodman Reservoir Pictures are legendary for the number of trophy bass it has produced over this past year. The State of Florida consistently ranks it as one of the country’s top ten best bass lakes. You can count on fishing under floating covers on a trip to this area. There are a lot of ‘dollar weeds’ and water hyacinths here that bass use to surprise unsuspecting prey. You also will be fishing around eel grass, hydrilla, and lily pads. Rodman Reservoir and the Ocklawaha River are always a treat to fish. It is a beautiful waterway that produces big fish every year.

2014 Rodman Reservoir Pictures

A bass caught in Rodman recently gave the Official State record a scare. The fish weighed in at 17.2 lbs. and had a length of 29.75 inches, coming up just short of the record fish weighing in at 17.27 pounds. Now that’s a giant bass. I believe that the new state record will come from either Rodman, Kissimmee Chain, or possibly Lake Okeechobee, known for trophy largemouth bass. Multiple-day fishing trips booked for Rodman Reservoir and Ocklawaha are generally live bait fishing trips where we use wild river shiners. However, artificial fishing can also be incorporated into the trip.

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