Leave the Rodman Reservoir alone!

Leave the Rodman Reservoir alone

A great post in the Jacksonville Times worth reposting…with our two sence added.

RODMAN RESERVOIR “Where would it end?”

The recent conversation about deepening the St. Johns River and draining the Rodman Reservoir has certainly caught the attention of both the ecological extremist and those who simply have good reasoning.

And as for the St. Johns Riverkeeper’s suggestion that the Rodman Reservoir be drained to allow the Ocklawaha River to be put back in its original form, I must say I’ll agree — but only if the rest of these damnable man-made obstructions are corrected:

■ Let’s remove the levees along the Mississippi River and put it back in its original form.

■ Let’s remove Hoover Dam so the Colorado River can be allowed to flow as God intended it to travel.

■ Let’s rebuild the Intracoastal Waterway from Maine to the Rio Grande River so that it will be in its original natural condition.

■ Let’s remove all the locks and dams along the rivers like the Ohio, Tennessee and many others that connect with the Mississippi — and get all those rivers back to how they are supposed to be.

■ Let’s remove the Lake Okeechobee levee and fill all the Everglades canals, remove the hundreds of waterway structures and of course remove I-75 from Fort Lauderdale to Naples.

Simply put, leave the beautiful Rodman Reservoir alone. It’s one of the best wildlife and fishing resource the State of Florida has.

Charles Hamaker, Jacksonville


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