Handicapped Fishing Trips

handicapped fishing
Perhaps you enjoyed fishing before you became disabled and thought because of your disability you could never fish again. Or maybe you would like Handicapped Fishing - Wheelchair Accessible Fishingjust to try the sport of bass fishing? In this area of the Disabled World, we provide handicapped fishing-friendly trips for those with a disability. We know what is involved, and what places offer access for persons with disabilities which makes us the Handicapped Fishing experienced.

You will not be our first disabled angler, our guide service also takes part in many charities with disabled and handicapped-related events and functions throughout the year. One of our favorite events we have been involved with for more than 10 years now, is the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. Darrell himself loves to fish, which again shows the possibilities are unlimited.

Another great organization we get to help with is the Wounded Soldiers Program, as you can imagine theirs no limit to the disabilities these soldiers receive. But we never let it keep them from fishing, fishing heals the soul and has no boundaries.

By being active in many disability organizations, we now know the resources are available to assist people with disabilities in accessing handicapped fishing opportunities in addition to promoting adaptive angling. Bass Fishing is a passion for many people and being in a wheelchair shouldn’t restrict that passion in the least.

We have found many ways in which fishing trips can still be accessible to everyone, including those in a wheelchair and even to those who may not have complete use of their arms.

Wheelchair & Handicapped Friendly

Sometimes the first obstacle to overcome is to find a location that is wheelchair accessible, we have that in most locations. In many of the rural areas throughout Florida, this can become more cumbersome, not all secret lakes in the middle of rural territory have handicapped fishing access. Don’t let this discourage you because there are a number of great fantastic fisheries easily accessible.

Getting the proper gear to help you fish is equally as important. Among the handiest of products are fishing aids that conveniently attach to your armrest. These aids will take the pressure off having to be able to hold the fishing rod, especially when you’re reeling in a fish the rod can become very heavy. I some areas we have these readily available if needed, in most cases, the client brings their own.

If you need assistance to hold a rod, there are other devices on the market that attach to your forearm for support. Simply strap the device onto your arm and attach your fishing pole to the device. This makes it easier to maintain a grip on the rod. There are also gadgets out there that will tie knots for you, regardless of your special needs to get you fishing, there’s something to make everyone’s life easier.

So whether you are out on the water to just relax, for the sport of it, or just to give fishing a try for the first time, it can be a great experience. So sit back and enjoy a day of bass fishing with our fishing guides, we will do all we can to work around your disability to provide you with the best fishing trip ever.

Disabilities no longer have to keep you onshore. Our boats are new, stable, and big enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other disabilities from Orlando to Sacramento.
At BASSonline, we have several regular clients who come down to fish with us because we enable them to fish and feel safe and comfortable with our friendly guides all while in stable boats.

We have all the necessary safety precautions in place to provide a safe, and fun environment for people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities. Several of our guides are experienced and are happy to help people with limitations due to wheelchairs, eyesight, or even hearing.
handicapped fishing friendly