Friends from Indiana Bass Fishing on the Famous Rodman Reservoir

Friends from Indiana Bass Fishing on the Famous Rodman Reservoir

This is Capt Steve with today’s fishing report for Rodman Reservoir.

I fished today with Quinn and Brian, a couple of Indiana boys and they came down to Florida on vacation. They wanted to go fishing on Rodman Reservoir. Wanting to actually go artificial fishing, but the water temperature dropped down to around 64. And with the water being really clear it makes for a tough day on artificial. We did have a couple of bites on topwater first thing in the morning, but the fish just weren’t really interested. With a high pressures system on us, so we also decided to troll shiners behind the boat.

Friends from Indiana Bass Fishing on the Famous Rodman Reservoir

They caught one bass pretty quick on the shiners, and then we drove around for a while hitting additional spots with a couple more bites. We then moved around and finally ended up going fishing in what I call mats (clumps of grass) just floating vegetation. We then started running the shiners underneath those mats and happen to come across a bass bed or two.

First Time for Everything

Neither of them have ever seen a bass on a bed and never had caught one off of the bed. So we rigged a shaky head jig on one of the poles and Brian ended up catching the bass right off the bed. He really thought that was pretty cool. We caught bass up to about 4 pounds, so it was a good day and a lot of fun talking and laughing with them.

They both fish for the college teams up in Indiana, actually that was something that I had help set up about 30 years ago. When I was fishing in Indiana. So it was very interesting to talk to them and seeing how things have evolved over the years.

Anyways, this is Captain Steve and for everyone else out there for all your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline and we will get you out on the water!

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Captain Steve Niemoeller is a full-time Professional fishing guide and Licensed Master Captain. Primarily servicing the freshwater lakes of the St Johns River, Lake George, and Lake Monroe. He also guides on Harris Chain and Lake Toho. Friends from Indiana Bass Fishing on the Famous Rodman Reservoir also had great success on Ponce Inlet and Mosquito Lagoon in saltwater catching redfish and other species.

About Rodman Reservoir

Rodman Reservoir is in Putnam County, Florida, and is considered a premier largemouth bass fishery located in Northeast Florida. Covers 9,500 acres, and is about 15 miles long. It is located south of Palatka Fl off Hwy 19 and connected to St John’s River. Rodman Reservoir is legendary for the number of fish species, trophy bass, redbreast sunfish, and channel catfish which it continues to produce. Not to mention the wildlife and bird species to view. It’s consistently ranked with Florida as one of the top ten best bass lakes in the country.


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