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Those anglers who have not fished Kenansville Lake recently should be aware that the lake has become infested with hydrilla (80-90% coverage). During the previous quarter, the access canal to the lake was blocked by excessive vegetation, both submerged and floating.

The St. Johns River Water Management District recently opened up access to the lake, but this is no guarantee that a high wind event could blow additional vegetation into the canal leading to and running along the north side of the lake. Biologists are hoping the hydrilla will die back this quarter like it did last year, which accounted for some excellent bass fishing for anglers who like the fishing heavy cover.

Kenansville Lake is a shallow 2,500- acre impoundment with an average water depth of 3 feet. This area was cattle pasture before flooding in 1993. Boaters, especially those unfamiliar with this water body, should navigate with caution as there are rows of submerged fence posts throughout the lake. Interior levees are also located in the lake’s north, center, and south areas. A single-lane concrete boat ramp is the only facility on the site.

The town of Kenansville is the closest place to obtain gas, food, and bait. Although most anglers fish in this area by boat, bank fishing is available along the access canal and north end of the lake for those willing to walk or ride a bicycle to those areas. The most popular fish species include black crappie, bluegill, largemouth bass, and catfish.

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