Lake Ida Peacock Bass Pictures

Lake Ida Peacock Bass Pictures & Lake Osborne

Nearly the entire shoreline of the north side of Lake Osborne between Lake Worth Road and 6th Avenue South is accessible to shore anglers. The E-4 Canal, associated lakes, and lateral canals provide excellent fishing for largemouth bass, bluegill, and redear sunfish. Sunshine bass is also stocked in Lakes Ida, Eden, and Osborne.

Canal intersections and culverts are generally productive areas for catching most fish species. Shoreline vegetation, rip-rap areas, and shady areas associated with bridges and culverts also provide excellent places to fish. If there is a strong current in the main canal, look for protected areas that offer refuge from the current (e.g., cut-outs, bridge pilings, and the downstream side of non-flowing spillways of lateral canals). The downstream side of culverts and spillways with flowing water is sometimes the perfect place to fish. Fish attractors, identified by bright yellow buoys in lakes Ida, Eden, and Osborne, are also good fishing spots.

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