Wacissa River

The Wacissa River is a clear, first-magnitude, spring-fed stream fed by about twelve major springs at the headwaters in a lightly populated part of Florida’s big bend region. The large stream is located in south-central Jefferson County, about a mile south of the quaint town of Wacissa. In this town, the river appears crystal clear, emerging from a group of limestone springs. The river flows about 12 miles south from its headwaters through a cypress swamp before breaking into numerous channels joining the Aucilla River. The beautiful rivers are part of the Aucilla Wildlife Management Area and are managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

All North Florida visitors should explore and experience true Florida treasure, visit the Wacissa River and the Wacissa Springs in Jefferson County. Wacissa is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers out there. A trip to Florida is incomplete without visiting the state’s most pristine rivers and experiencing all they have to offer.

Wacissa RiverWacissa River Fishing

Fishing here is an incredible experience with its clear, beautiful waters paired with our favorite game fish species. The top fish caught at Wacissa are Suwannee bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, and bowfin. The bluegill here is known to grow huge, and the bass grows to decent sizes as well.

Anglers usually have the most luck when casting into thick vegetation, creek mouths, and overhanging branches with weedless lures. The fishing at Wacissa is excellent throughout the year, but the best time is during the spring spawn.

Fishing on the Wacissa River will be one of the most relaxing fishing experiences as it doesn’t require much gear, and you can do it from a kayak or boat.

The bluegill, bass, and shellcrackers taken from this river are some of the purest you will find today because the sands of time and pollution haven’t yet affected the river.

Kayak Bass Fishing

Wacissa River also offers excellent kayak bass fishing. The Wacissa winds in crystal clear water for 12 miles. Its 72-degree water provides up to 15 feet of visibility all year round.

You can spend the day drifting across the river and castling weedless lures into the thick vegetation.


The Wacissa river’s concentration of aquatic birds and wading birds, and other wildlife is incredible. It’s full of egrets, ibis, herons, osprey, wood storks, kingfishers, barred owls, bald eagles, and much more. Other aquatic animals that call this area home are alligators, turtles, river otters, water snakes, and crayfish. Apart from our most sought-after fish such as bass, other fish species found here are mullet, catfish, stumpknocker, gar, redbreast sunfish, perch, and shell cracker.

Wacissa River Things to Do

Once you visit, you are sure to appreciate the natural beauty enriching the community. When you are in Jefferson County, Florida, near Wacissa River, there are various things that you can do. This spot is an ideal weekend paddling destination with designated state paddling trails to explore the rivers and springs safely. In addition, the area has a public campground, a rope swing, and contains our favorite swimming hole.

Take a Boat Ride or Kayak 

A kayak or boat ride on the Wacissa will ensure you experience the scenic beauty of Florida. Your boat or kayak is going to zig-zag over the aquatic plants and eelgrasses. You might ride past started alligators on this river.

You will find bald eagles and chasing egrets as you navigate the narrow channels canopied by Spanish moss cypress. In addition, you can check out a couple of springs feeding the river.

Visit Wacissa Springs

At Wacissa Springs, you will be magnetically drawn to gaze at the aesthetic view in front of you. A dense tropical canopy borders the large body of the crystal clear river. It is covered in bright green lilies and water hyacinths.

You can paddle your kayak slowly up the river. Ropes are dangling from ancient cypress trees where your kids can launch themselves and have great fun. It is just like stepping into the setting of a Disney movie.

The Wacissa Springs is among the top springs to visit, along with Blue Springs.

Kayak the Slave Canal

Your adventure at the river shouldn’t come to a stop in the spring. You can get kayaks and set on the challenging and thrilling adventure through the Slave Canal connecting Wacissa to the Aucilla River.

Slaves had built it for the plantation owners for transporting cotton down to the Gulf. So, you will get to see blocks of limestones along the way of the arduous work forced out of slaves. The Indians Mounds here show that life existed here thousands of years before.

Wacissa Blue Hole

The Blue Hole headsprings are located at Wacissa Springs County Park. This Blue Hole Spring is the favorite swimming spot for many out there. It’s the perfect way to experience the serenity and solitude of the river.

Visit North Florida Wildlife Center

The North Florida Wildlife Center will leave you with even more love for animals than you already have. Here you can interact with numerous threatened and endangered animals. There are kangaroos, too, that will make you long for Australia.

The Florida Wildlife Center hasn’t been developed for making a profit. Ryan David Reines, the creator, is a passionate bird-lover, and he wanted these animals to have a home. After experiencing how wrongly animals are treated, he helped in educating people about endangered animals.

Wacissa Springs County Park in Jefferson County