Ochlockonee River

Ochlockonee River State Park is a Florida State Park. It is located on the Gulf Coast, on U.S. 319, about four miles (6 km) south of the town of Sopchoppy. Its 392-acre park includes pine flatwoods and oak thickets and is notable for containing a significant habitat for the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

Ochlockonee River State Park has amenities like bicycling, birding, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, picnicking, swimming, wildlife viewing, and full camping facilities. A boat ramp provides access to the river, Ochlockonee Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico. The park is an excellent location for both canoeing and fishing. From the park’s boat ramp, it is a four-mile run to the Ochlockonee Bay and an additional five miles to the gulf.

If you enjoy birding, you may have a good chance of seeing the red-cockaded woodpecker. Ochlockonee River is one of the few state parks with a resident population of these endangered birds. Ochlockonee River also has white squirrels. These squirrels are not albinos. They are a gene mutation of the gray squirrel and are white as snow.

This is an excellent time of the year to canoe our many rivers and creeks. For camping, make your reservations well in advance. As temperatures continue to stay warm, biting insects such as dog flies have made their presence known. Come prepared with insect repellent.

Ochlockonee River both fresh and saltwater species may be caught, including largemouth bass, bream, catfish, and speckled perch in the fresh waters. Redfish and speckled trout are common in the brackish water. Ocklockonee River provides an excellent opportunity to catch many fish species within the park boundaries.

The salinity level is now high enough for Spanish mackerel, sea trout & redfish to be common catches in the river. Blue crabs can be caught with a piece of raw chicken, some fishing line, and a dip net. If you are after freshwater, species of largemouth bass seem to tolerate the salty conditions well and are still abundant in park waters. Bream, however, has moved into areas with fresher water.

In the gulf this time of year, there are also many opportunities to catch many fish. Ochlokonee River fishing for redbreast sunfish and bluegill should be the best with live wigglers or crickets. Black crappie fishing should be decent, especially in the lower river with minnows or jigs.



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