Reservation Questions

Schedule NowThank you once again for researching the BASS online guide service and having reservation Questions. We will do our very best to assure you of a professional, quality, fun-filled, and relaxing day.

Below are reservation questions and answers regarding making a fishing reservation or the process of reserving a fishing trip.

Can we make online reservations?

Yes, Bass Online has a 24-hour online reservation system for your convenience, you can choose the location, lake, length of trip, and even your fishing guide, or we do it for you. Go to the Online Fishing Reservations page for a complete list of fishing locations and to start your reservation.

What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring sunglasses, polarized glasses are preferred but not necessary. In some locations when sight fishing they can be very helpful, in some cases, our guides will have extra for you to use.
If you wear hats, a hat or ball cap is suggested. Deck shoes, tennis shoes, or sandals are the most comfortable, but high heels are not recommended.

Sunscreen in most cases is also needed, because of sensitive skin we suggest you bring your own. In most cases, the guide does have extra on the boat. Watch the weather and be assured it is cooler on the water than on land. Bring a short and long sleeve shirt if you are not sure and rain gear if you prefer. We have extra storage on the boats and it is always best to be prepared. Last but not least, don’t forget your medications… we do not have extra on board!

Where do you fish?

We service over 354 locations in the state of Florida, in almost every HOT fishing location in North, Central, or South Florida we have local guides waiting for you. Yes, we have guides at each of the great fisheries, and are all specialized in those locations. Whether you are in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Ft Myers, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Naples, Miami, and many others.

What we suggest is you call our helpful office staff and simply tell them where you would like to fish or tell them where you are located and they will provide you with the best fisheries in the area. We are truly the most versatile guide service in Florida to fish the entire state!

How many days should I fish?
Of course, fish as many days as you can. The more time on the water, the more opportunities you will have. If fishing for three days or more, possibly break up the days with a day off in between so you don’t fish every day. That protects you against the outdoor elements, and weather and makes it much more enjoyable if you are not used to fishing every day. Look at our multiple-day package trips for more ideas!

Can you handle group & company trips?
We don’t have to arrange for multiple boats/guides, we have them already waiting for you. We can arrange as many days as you’d like to fish. Remember, we are the largest provider of charter fishing trips in Florida, so you will get professional bass fishing guides every time. We offer big fish tournaments, and trophies with a professional weigh-in for your group, it can all be arranged. We have accommodations, provide meals, BBQ’s, you name it, we can arrange it!
Here are a few of the companies that have already enjoyed our services!

Can I use my own tackle?
YES, if you fill more comfortable with your own, please bring it. We will always have plenty for those that don’t.

Is the water rough out there? “Because, I get sea sick.”
No, you will never have to worry about seasickness with us. Remember, there are plenty of places to hide on Lake Okeechobee from the weather and the fish generally eat really well in those conditions.

Do I need a license?

You are required to have a fishing license in Florida, so you have three different options to choose from to get one. The good news for Florida residents is ages under 16 and over 65 are not required to have one!
Once you have arrived: – Licenses can be purchased at Bass Pro Shops, Wal-Mart, or a local tackle shop.

At the boat ramp or before: – Dial (888) FISH-FLORIDA and they will provide you with an authorization # over the phone.
Our most convenient, on the internet you can find a mutable different locations for fishing license.

Fishing License: Non-Resident – 3 day $17.00 or 1 year $34.00
Resident – 1year $17.00

Is it hot, will it rain?
In the summer it is hot and it can rain almost any day, but mostly in the afternoon. Be prepared. Put sunscreen on first thing in the morning and bring rain gear if you have it, if not we usually do.

Do I bring food and water?
We supply water and some soft drinks on regular trips. We recommend you bring your favorite drink and a snack. Yes, what’s a fishing trip without a cold beer? So, you are permitted if so desired. All boats have coolers built-in and ice waiting on you!

Where should I stay?
Check out our lodging page for that info. Be sure to know what city is closest to you or more important closest to the fish!

Can I bring my kids?
Absolutely, freshwater fishing is perfect for kids. The action is consistent, the fish are plentiful. There are alligators, birds, snakes, and other exotic species that hang around the boats to keep them interested. Restroom facilities are usually close to most fishing areas. We have no problem taking restroom breaks when needed.

We enjoy working with women or children and instructing them on various fishing techniques, so all family members are welcome.

Does the guide fish?
No, unless you ask us to. Our job is to put you on the fish and give you the information you need to hook, fight and land your trophy fish. We have done these thousands of times, and we know where the fish are, there is no need for us to “locate” them on your time.

What are your rates?

Reservation Questions, All rates are for one or two people per boat, a third person can be added. For a complete list of our rates please click here!

Start Time?
We prefer to begin the majority of our trips around daybreak or at daybreak. But, we will schedule your fishing trip to begin at times that fit your schedule upon your request. Expect to be on the water for at least an hour longer than your scheduled trip. We do not count time only fish! If we’re meeting at a specific location, be sure to have your itinerary emailed or faxed in advance.

We will recommend a start time, it generally is between 6 & 7 am. To be picked up at the dock or your hotel please allow for extra time.

Do you do afternoon trips?
Yes, on a daily bases, the PM can be as good as the AM. Always check with your guide as to what time of the day is the best bite.

How do I book a fishing charter, fly casting lesson, fishing lesson, or eco-tour?
To book a charter, lesson, or tour, just send an email request or call the main office for the fastest response at (888) 629-2277.

What is the preferred payment?

All charters and tours require a credit card to reserve your reservation.
We expect Cash, Checks and take all major credit cards. Visa, M/C, Discover, and AMX.

Where do I send my deposit?
Simply call the main office at (888) 629.2277, to understand what additional details are needed to complete the reservation. And if you prefer to send a deposit they can provide you with a mailing address. Otherwise, no deposit is needed, the trip is reserved with your credit card on the day of booking. Any other reservation system questions let us know. We use the same system at your favorite hotel.

What about tipping? Is Gratuity Included? Gratuity is not included or expected…But is greatly appreciated. The common gratuity is 10% to 20%.

What is your cancellation policy?
There is a $100 deposit for each day required to confirm your reservation date or dates. The deposit is not charged are less the customer does not show. It’s considered as a “No Show” fee for the Captain, his downtime, and missing a day’s work.
Our standard policy is 48 hours from the time of your reservation date. If you are communicating with your guide and/or the main office and become sick, or have a family emergency there will be no deposit charged for cancellation. If inclement weather conditions cause the trip to be postponed or canceled then there is no deposit charge.

All cancellations need to be made by your guide or main office prior to your scheduled trip. In inclement weather cancellations, can only be decided by your guide.

How many can go on fishing a charter?

The preferred and most comfortable is 1 or 2 persons, although 3 people per boat are often taken. In some locations, 4 people can be put on one boat this can arrange by calling the main office(888) 629-2277. Understand, this is set by the United States Coast Guard

How many and what age children can you take fishing on your boat? Children of all ages are welcome, with a maximum of three children on each boat.

Where will I meet my Captain for my fishing charter?
When reserving your reservation your guide or office staff will find the most convenient location for you. Directions can be emailed or texted for your convenience and are a very important part of why reservation is important. In a case where you have a GPS, we can provide you with coordinates to the meeting location.

What waters will we be fishing?
We have lots of private lake locations throughout the state of Florida, we also service 354 bodies of water in the state. Each is really good during its peak times, the moon phase and weather are all things that should be considered when choosing the right location. Our staff has many, many, many years of data to help you choose.

When is the best time of year to go fishing? Whenever you can go, is always the best! The fish have to eat every three days, so at least every three days. In Florida, We fish year-round for large-mouth bass, pan-fish, snakehead, and peacock bass. For largemouth, most people consider late November through May to be the big fish time of the year.

Panfish are simulated, but many species are good during the summer also. As for the peacock bass and snakeheads, they are great all year long except during the cold fronts which are typically January and February. Always call your favorite guide or the main office for the most current fishing report and reservation questions.