Delray Freshwater Fishing Trip on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes

Delray Freshwater Fishing Trip

Palm Beach County has been underrated for its freshwater fishing. When you are traveling to this beautiful destination, travelers tend to think only about the saltwater fisheries. We are here to inform you that freshwater fishing is absolutely fantastic all year long. This time of year has really been amazing for catching peacock bass and other exotics on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. Come enjoy a Delray Freshwater fishing trip that can get you addicted to the great fishing here in South Florida.

The peacock bass is an elusive and exotic species many anglers and travelers love to target. Their explosive power and hard fights get you addicted to catching them. Once you net them, you are then blown away by the colors and beauty of this fish. You do not have to travel to the Amazon to experience your first peacock bass fishing charter.

One of the key factors to success while catching peacock bass is a local expert. Years of acquired knowledge and on the water experience has allowed them to get you on fish immediately. The fishing has been fantastic this month and is only going to get better as long as the cool fronts don’t get too strong.

Check out this Lake Ida Bass Fishing Update from our Local Experts:

Delray Freshwater Fishing Trip 1Sandy and his best friend Ed were traveling to Delray Beach, FL to explore what the peacock bass fishing had to offer. Luckily, they hit it just right and the bass was biting strong. Captain Robert Miley had the pleasure of fishing with them. These guys are long-time repeat clients of Bass Online and fishing with Captain Bob.

The peacock bass fishing was outstanding on this fishing trip. Fishing conditions paired up and made the fishing trip even better with air temperatures in the 90s and water temperatures in the mid-80s. Live bait was the preferred choice of bait on this charter. It helped put over 30 peacock bass in the boat.

As the weather begins to cool, the peacock bass will begin to spawn. That is when you will catch the aggressive males and large females. Sandy and Ed had a blast catching 30 peacock bass with most of the fish over 3 pounds. They did land a giant peacock bass over 5 pounds as well. Also, the largemouth bass was biting with one in the 4-5 pound range.

Peacock bass fishing is heating up. Sandy and Ed will be back for more of this incredible action on the Lake Ida Chain. Captain Miley is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Harvey came down to Palm Beach County looking to catch his first-ever peacock bass. Harvey loves to fly fish and wanted to catch a peacock bass on the fly. Unfortunately, the peacock bass was chewing on live bait and that was yet again the preferred method to catch fish.

Delray Freshwater Fishing Trip 2Harvey was traveling from Toronto Canada enjoying the beautiful South Florida weather and conditions. The sun was shining with a strong breeze to go with it. Harvey enjoyed every moment of this fishing trip catching over 15 bass on this fishing trip. A majority of the fish were peacock bass but he also caught some quality largemouth bass.

Harvey’s first-ever peacock bass was a trophy one. It was a male protecting a bed weighing in at over 5 pounds. You truly can’t beat the action here on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. Harvey was satisfied with this fishing trip and is now itching to catch one on the fly.

Harvey had a great time and is looking forward to his fly fishing adventure in Miami on his next visit! Captain Joe or Bob will be glad to assist him in this adventure!

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Well, as you can see, peacock bass fishing in Palm Beach County is on fire. The action is getting good and the peacock bass are about to spawn one more time this year. When this occurs, you can expect to catch some beautiful fish with vibrant colors and a lot of aggression. Each trip will provoke a different experience that will make every trip worthwhile.

We hope that you get the chance to experience Lake Ida Fishing or peacock bass fishing in general here in South Florida. Our local experts work hard to provide you with a trip of a lifetime! See you on the water next time!!

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