Peacock Bass Fishing Golden Gate Canal

Hi this is Captain Mark Rose with your Golden gate canal fishing report.

It is always a pleasure to get to experience something that is right in your back yard and you may not know of. Peacock Bass Fishing Golden Gate Canal System is really starting to produce the quality and numbers we have been looking for. Ted and Jay came out fishing with me today and they were in for a treat.

Originally from Chicago and now relocated to the Fort Myers area, they have never experienced peacock bass fishing before. It was a great fishing trip.

The two gentlemen crushed the peacocks catching almost 45. The biggest fish was 3 pounds 8 ounces. They was an exceptional amount of double ups which made for a much better day.

Peacock bass are holding right around the 8 foot depth range with the water temperature maintaining at 80 degrees.

This is Captain Mark Rose and if you are looking to catch you some of these peacocks here on the West Coast of South Florida, contact BassOnline today.


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