March Big Bass Florida Fishing

This is Capt George Mrozinski with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Lake Okeechobee draws crowds of people every year to experience its outdoor attractions. Ray and Chris wanted to experience a March Big Bass Florida Fishing Charter and they were in luck.

Escaping the cold of Ontario, Canada where they are from, they were ready to get out in the Florida sun.

When you come to fish Lake Okeechobee, wild caught shiner fishing is an experience that is a must. We caught them up today with no monster fish. They had such a great time they booked another day with me.

The second day, the action was even better. I could not keep track of the amount of fish we caught because it was non-stop all day. We ran through those shiners like it was nothing.

Ray and Chris both caught their personal best monster largemouth bass weighing 9 pounds and 7 pounds, respectively.

I am looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again and if you want to book a dream trip, we are only one click away.




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