Okeechobee City Cold Front Bass Fishing

This is Capt Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

How’s it going? This is your daily January fishing report for Lake Okeechobee City cold front bass fishing. We were on the north end of the lake, actually for the past couple of days. I took out a repeat, Mr. Rick O’neil. We had a couple early morning bites, but it got tough. Fishing with a cold front that moved in slowed the bite but we still found good ones. With the front that came in on Sunday, the water really dropped in temperature, and it seems like after the sun’s been out a while in the afternoon, we start catching them. The difficulty really was that we had 4 hours each morning, and we used shiners, but we moved around a bit and found the bite, when the weather got nice. The Florida bass, generally don’t like a steep decline in temperature. The conditions could have been definitely much worse. Weather’s been warming up and sunny winds picking up later in the afternoon, but that was after we get off the water. The lake is looking awesome this time of year adn it is coming into our busy season. We will be working really hard to keep on these fish. Please if you are looking to fish with me or any of our guides, the spots are filling up. Till next time, tight lines, this is Captain Brian Brown.

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