Two Kissimmee Bass Fishing Trips on Lake Toho

Two Kissimmee Bass Fishing Trips

Kissimmee is the ultimate bass fishing destination in Central Florida. Lake Toho is a highly productive fishery all year round. If you are looking to catch big bass in Florida, this is the lake to fish. Our professional and expert fishing Captains know the waters and where the big bass live. Come adventure out on two Kissimmee bass fishing trips next time you are experiencing Kissimmee Florida. You will not be disappointed with what it has to offer.

Captain Devin Dickerson is one of the BEST Lake Toho guides you can experience the lake with. Brian and Sonya adventure out on a fantastic Lake Toho Bass Fishing trip with Captain Devin. This lake can produce on both wild-caught live shiners and artificial baits. If you are an angler that loves to fish artificial baits but also enjoys experiencing live bait, Lake Toho is your lake.

Brian and Sonya put on a show this morning with over 30 Florida largemouth bass in the boat. Not only did they catch great numbers they also caught several-quality bass. Sonya landed a giant bass weighing 7 pounds. You cannot beat that action for a quick morning fishing charter. Bass was biting steady the whole fishing trip.

After the wild-caught live shiner bite slowed down, they picked up the artificial baits. Brian and Sonya both worked on catching several more quality bass with Bass Assassin Senkos, flukes, and speed worms. These are the most effective artificial soft plastic baits you can use while Kissimmee Bass Fishing.

Time to Make a Shift

Brian and Sonya had a fantastic time with Captain Devin and are looking forward to adventuring out again in the future.
Two Kissimmee Bass Fishing Trips

On Captain Devin’s afternoon trip on Lake Toho, Euyless and Pat came to crush some largemouth bass on the lake. Traveling from Alabama, they were ready for a great day on the water. Their goal was to catch some Florida Treasures that were green and fishy. Wild-caught live shiners were yet again the most effective bait on this fishing trip.

The bite slowed down quite a bit from the morning trip. These gentlemen with Captain Devin’s knowledge of the lake still managed to land 15 largemouth bass weighing up to 4.75 pounds. They were excited to land some quality bass and had a great time on the water. Next time visiting Kissimmee, they will be back for redemption.

When you want to truly experience what Kissimmee has to offer, don’t look any further than Lake Toho Bass Fishing. Take a break from all the attractions and get out on the water with some of the best. Bass Fishing here in Kissimmee will get you hooked and ready to come back as soon as you can. Don’t miss out on your adventure next time visiting and we will get you hooked up on a fishing trip of a lifetime!

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About Capt Devin Dickerson grew up in North Georgia and had a love of all things outdoors from a very young age. Always wanting to share his love of fishing, nature, and wildlife with others he pursued a career as a licensed captain and is now certified through the U.S. Coast Guard as well as carries a Sea Tow endorsement. Devin has been very Blessed to have fished in Various Bass Fishing Clubs, Fishing Tournaments, and Charity Events over the past 27 years helping and preparing him with gaining guide experience.


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