Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Miami, Florida is a great place to enjoy the beaches or a Florida Fishing Adventure of a lifetime. Even a Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip can be exciting when visiting.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert Foley traveling from Illinois. It was a quick 4-hour trip that made for some great memories in the Aerojet Canal System.

A tropical front was moving in but it made the bass bite well. It was overcast and rained for a short portion of the trip cooling down the day. We managed to have a great trip.

The water levels were higher than normal as well which pushed the peacocks deeper into the water column. Robert enjoyed catching them with artificial and live bait.

Robert caught over 30 bass while fishing the Aerojet and had a blast the whole time. While throwing a topwater torpedo, he had a lot of blowups from the largemouth bass. He caught both species using this method.

Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

We are looking forward to fishing with Robert again and he looks forward to his next adventure.

Come Catch Yours Today with Capt Robert Miley on the Aerojet Canal System.

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Capt Bob Miley started bass fishing in the Florida Everglades.
On the very first trip out he caught a 10lb 0/8 o/z largemouth bass and has been fishing for bass ever since. Robert Miley has been Tropical Front Peacock Bass Fishing Trip professionally on the B.A.S.S. Eastern Division, for the past 7 years. He also is the Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff representative for South Florida. Versatile in that he fishes for Peacock bass as well as trophy largemouth on Lake Okeechobee.


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