Perfect present for the Holidays, take your MAN Fishing

Take your MAN Fishing; it’s a Perfect present for the Holidays

Hey everyone, take your man Fishing; Captain Dave Lauer calling in today with another is fishing report, this time from Lake Osborne.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Kip and Mary from Boynton Beach, Florida. It’s always great to find out where everyone is from; we know it’s not Florida. Kip is originally from Wisconsin, and Mary is from Michigan, but they’re both playing in lovely, sunny South Florida.

We went fishing today on Lake Osborne, the weather almost reached the 80s, but we had a stiff northeast wind. We caught a mixed bag of peacock bass and large-mouth bass today; as you can tell by the photos above, the giant largemouth bass was in the (3 lb) three-pound range, and the biggest peacock bass was around (4 lbs) four pounds.

The action today slowed down on Lake Osborne from what it’s been. It was still a perfect day; at one point, we caught ’em on every cast. You can definitively tell the fish have moved out a little deeper than average with a reaction to the water temperature dropping a bit.

As a bounce, we also caught about an (8 lb) eight-pound catfish and a few other species. It was a good time!

So also let me tell you that Mary bought this trip for Kip as a birthday present. So girls take it from me this is the perfect present for the holidays, take your MAN fishing! (Gift Certificates available)

Captain Dave is out for now; talk to you next time.

Capt. David Lauer is part of our Bass Online Pro Team and a top pro angler and Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide. Capt Dave, talks about Bass Fishing at Night and Fishing Patterns, Fall Bass Fishing Patterns.
Full-time Lake Okeechobee Fishing Guide that still fishes the FLW Outdoor Tour, Dave mainly guides out of Belle Glade, Fl, at Slims Fish Camp and Clewiston at Jolly Roger Marina. He has many tournament experiences, including the FLW, Everstart, and BFL tournaments. When David is not fishing the famous Lake Okeechobee, he guides on Lake Osborne and catches monster Peacock bass also.


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