Light Tackle Okeechobee Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Light Tackle Okeechobee Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Light Tackle Okeechobee Fishing

Each season and fishing condition calls for different tactics and techniques to catch fish. When it comes to Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing, November is the last month that you can experience light tackle Okeechobee fishing. Every adventure will show you something different and potentially give you a shot at a beautiful fish. Our local experts work hard to put you on the fish of a lifetime!

One of the fundamental keys to fishing a destination or fishery that is 730 square miles is a local expert. Our local experts are above the rest because they stay on the water daily. Years and daily experience have allowed them to stay on top of the fish. When you get down here, all you have to do is step aboard, stay on board, and most importantly set the hook!

Lake Okeechobee has gotten some bad press over the course of time but we are here to show you how healthy this fishery actually is. The bass fishing is about to get really good. November is a preliminary show of what the spawning season is about to bring us. Make sure to plan that adventure in advance as fishing is going to be off the chain.

Check out this Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Update:

Light Tackle Okeechobee Fishing 2Meet Hank and his son Glenn, this father-son duo were traveling to Clewiston, FL to explore what Lake Okeechobee had to offer. Bass fishing has always been something they shared in common and loved to do. Getting out on the water with your father as a son is one of the most rewarding experiences possible.

Captain Mark Shepard had the pleasure of fishing with Hank and Glenn on this fishing trip. Hank is 80-years-old and has been fishing with Captain Mark for a long time. They share a lot of great memories together catching some big fish. Every time Hank comes out, the big fish arrive.

Light tackle spinning gear along with artificial baits are the preferred method to catching fish for Hank and Glenn. They love the active format of fishing and how the fish fight with light tackle. The Wow Factor 2.0 Crankbait along with soft-plastics really did the magic when it came to catching bass.

During the earlier hours of this fishing trip, the wind died down. As a result, the fish were not as active. Once the winds shifted and picked up again, the bite did too. Hank and Glenn caught some good numbers of bass on this fishing charter. Great memories were made and more were shared.

Captain Mark had a great time fishing with these long-time friends and is looking forward to their next adventure on the water!

Light Tackle Okeechobee Fishing 1Shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Mark was back out on the water. This time, he had another long-time repeat client Bob and Kathy. Bob has been fishing with Mark for a long time but this was going to be Kathy’s first fishing adventure with Captain Mark. They were traveling to Clewiston, FL for their yearly Lake Okeechobee fishing trip.

According to Captain Mark, it was great to have Kathy on the boat. New faces allowed new memories to be formed which is what Lake Okeechobee fishing is all about. Some good solid fish were caught as well which was an added bonus.

Just like the previous trip, the wind died out making the artificial bite more difficult. Once it shifted, it was back on. The day was filled with laughs and a lot of great catches! You can’t beat a day like this on the water.

Bob and Kathy really enjoyed their Lake Okeechobee fishing trip. Every year they get to see or do something new. Captain Mark is looking forward to spending more time on the water with this lovely couple again!

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Lake Okeechobee is a fantastic fishery to explore and visit. Every adventure will bring about different conditions that could land you the fish of a lifetime. Now is the time to explore what Lake Okeechobee bass fishing has to offer. Cooler weather will drop the water temperature bringing in the big females to get ready for spawn.

Our local experts are the best bet at catching the biggest fish of your life. We look forward to seeing you on the water next time!

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