Florida Peacock Bass Trip on Lake Ida in Palm Beach County

Florida Peacock Bass Trip

Bass Fishing in Florida is always exciting with new surprises on every fishing adventure you embark on. A Florida Peacock Bass Trip can keep you on your toes when exploring new waters. Big bass roams in the waters of South Florida all year long.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Phil and Sue. They were traveling from Westchester, NY to go on vacation here in Florida. While they were visiting, they wanted to experience a peacock bass fishing trip on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes in Palm Beach County.

Conditions were not in our favor on this fishing trip. Water temperatures in the 60s, shut the peacock bass down. Phil and Sue did manage to put several-quality largemouth bass in the boat. Luckily, Sue caught the only peacock bass on the trip. It was a quality one too weighing 4.5 pounds.

When you are visiting, don’t let the weather conditions deter you from a great outdoor experience. The fish bite all year long. If you present the right baits to them, they will eat them up.

We had a great time out on the water and I am looking forward to fishing with Phil and Sue again. Don’t miss out on your adventure next time you are traveling to the state of Florida.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Joe Gruny as your Lake Ida fishing guide.

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Capt. Joe Gruny is a fishing guide in South Florida but grew up in Medford, New York. He found a passion for fishing at a very young age for salt and freshwater. Now he lives in Lake Worth, Florida where he gets to fish his favorite fisheries including Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, Lake Ida, and Miami Canal Systems.


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