Lake Hamilton Fishing

can be found on the Winter Haven USGS quad topo map. it is a lake in Polk County in the state of Florida surrounded be the city of Lake Hamilton. The latitude and longitude coordinates for this lake are 28.0528, -81.6548 and the altitude is 121 feet (37 meters). To find a GPS on our around the lake, just double click on the locating located on the map below and it will appear on the map.
Anyone interested in fishing should consult with local guides and other local resources before heading out to fish. Anglers who have fished this lake should be careful in low water conditions.

Nearest Town: Lake Hamilton, Florida
Lake Size: 2,163 Acres
Fishing Species: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Black Crappie
Lake Access: Located off Hwy. 27

Lake Hamilton, Florida offers great fishing and a good vacation destination for anglers and knowledgeable traveler. No matter what budget, level or style of fishing you seek in your fishing vacation, Lake Hamilton, FL, there’s surely a great big bass ready to meet your needs. Browse the map below for information on Lake Hamilton and call us at 888-629-2277 for additional fishing vacation packages. At Lake Hamilton, speck fishing boats on a good day catch up 15-20 per trip trolling 5-6 feet of water off grass lines in big lake with red/head, yellow-bodied Hal Flys and Beetle Spins.

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