Mighty Bite Lure Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot for Mighty Bite Lures

At the Mighty Bite Lure Photo Shoot, we found that Might Bites’s patent-pending Bite Mark creates a wounded, spastic action that provokes vicious strikes. It casts like a bullet, and “Swims” down to the bottom at an angle, due to its Swimming Fins, like a real baitfish. Its Scent Stick and Rattle Chambers release scent and sound that attracts and triggers strikes from both hungry and neutral fish.

When a fish hits Mighty Bite, the Wounded Ribs make Mighty Bite bend and feel like a real baitfish. The Scent Stick then gives the fish a shot of flavor that keeps them holding on, for easy hooksets. This aggressive reaction is caused by Mighty Bite’s “ DNA Trigger Technology” which overloads a fish’s 5 Senses causing it to track down, stalk, and instinctively strike Mighty Bite hard and hold on.

Don’t let this one get away – make this the best fishing season of your life with Mighty Bite.

•Bite Mark – A Red Colored “Bite Mark” that gives mighty bite the look and Action of Wounded Baitfish.
•Swimming Fins- Interchangeable “Swimming Fins” that make mighty bite look Alive.
•Scent Stick- A chamber in mighty bite’s mid-section for our unique “Scent Stick”. Scent Dispersal System.
•Rattle Chamber- A “Rattle Chamber” for included rattles that Mimic the Sound of a Wounded Baitfish.
•Custom Weights- “Custom Weighting System” allows fishermen to Add More Weight to Mighty Bite if needed