Deep Water Bass Fishing Lures

Deep Water Fishing for Bass: Picking the Right Lure

Deep water bass fishing lures are deemed the sport technique of the champions. It’s the time when two predators try and outsmart each other. 

Although it’s a super attractive sport, knowing a lot about the bass behavior is necessary before you set sail to the middle of the lake. Experienced fishermen say that only the mature bass, especially male ones, hide in the bushes deep down the lake. Over time, basses become smarter, making it very difficult for fishermen to trick them unless they use the right deep-water bass fishing lures.

In this article, we’re going over some of the most recommended lures for bass fishing that can help you land your trophy fish. 

Deep Water Bass Lures: Why Do You Need Them?

Lures are integral to fishing because they lure the fish in, allowing you to hook them. Bass fish specifically can be tricked with both live and artificial lures. However, live baits are more recommended for bank bass fishing. 

This area is ideal because bass fish, both male, and female, come near the bank when they look for food. As they will be starved over time, throwing a live worm or small minnow can definitely make a move with the fish.

What makes bass fishing attractive and challenging is fishing in the depths. Mature and big bass fish hide in the lake’s depths, and they wait on their prey. During this time, it would be very smart to get their attention with some lure, trick them to the surface, and eventually pull them out. 

Ultimately, you should know that bass fish are very aggressive. Expect a lot of resistance from them and prepare for a good fight. Digging a bass fish from the deep water sounds like a breeze in theory, but in practice, it takes a lot of patience and an excellent lure collection on several occasions.

The Essential Guide to Deep Water Bass Fishing Lures

Check out below some of the best lures for deep-water bass fishing:

Football Jigs

The football jigs are one of the best lures for deep-water bass because they’re specifically designed for deep bass fishing. They can mimic crawfish or sculpins – the usual prey of bass fish. To make the best of these baits, you must let them fall normally and slowly pull them toward the surface. This technique provokes the bass to escape their comfort zone and get to the surface.

Foot Ball Jigs

Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is a simple way to catch trophy fish. It’s heavier, allowing it to sink right where you need it, and it mimics a small prey that tricks bass to get out of their ambush. To use this lure, you need to thread a worm or your preferred bait and slowly pull it around. Don’t pull aggressively if you sense a bite because bass can feel your panic and run away. Give it a little slack, then start pulling.

Carolina Rig

Deep Diving Crank

The cranks are one of the most provocative fishing lures and bait as they resemble smaller fish, and they can collect a school of bass in no time. They are super easy to use. However, you want to mind the luring. 

To have a successful pull, you need to keep the bait to the bottom as long as possible. This will give you enough reaction time to the deep water bass and eventually hook them up. Additionally, once you get the bite, make sure you don’t pull too aggressively up because you will scare the fish.

bass fishing line for squarebill crankbait

Bucktail Jigs

The bucktail jigs appear fluffy on the outside and have a super tight lure. These jigs are mostly recommended for action or trying to provoke the bass as you can ambush the bass and buzz around, which causes natural feeding strike. 

However, you shouldn’t make too much noise or action because that’s counterproductive. You may need a few tries before you get it right, but the bucktail jigs will definitely lift the game to the next level.

Bucktail Jigs

Flutter Spoon

Flutter spoons are literally chunks of metal that are specifically designed to imitate dead baitfish while falling to the bottom. The flutters are great for triggering a reaction from deep bass.

To make the best of the flutter spoon, you need to throw the net and let it fall all the way to the bottom, then make rips of 4-5 ft. You should continue that motion all the way to the boat.

Fishing Spoons

The Best Deep Water Bass Lures: How to Choose One?

The universal tip when it comes to finding the best deep-water bass lures is to learn about the fish’s weaknesses and choose the right lure. However, that’s often easier said than done. So, to save you from the trouble of picking the right lure, we offer you several tips:

    • Choose the buzzing lures: They can stimulate reaction and provoke the bass to come out of the hiding place.
  • Use larger lures for colder waters: Fish can be tricked for food in cold waters only if the dish is generous. 
  • Choose a lure with color-contrast skin: All fish have contrasting colors on their bodies. The closer to real prey, the better.

Our Take on the Best Lures for Deep Water Bass

To conclude this article, the finest deep water bass lures are the ones that can provoke a reaction from the bass and get them to follow the bait. Football jigs and spoons are prominent on fishing forums because they’re easy to use and have positive results. 

Once you get your hands on some of the best deep-water bass lures, you must try them out. Happy hunting!


How deep does the bass go?

If it’s clear water, the bass goes 15-20 ft down. In the summer you can catch big bass, but they stay deeper where the water is cooler and has better oxygen.

How to fish for bass in deep water?

You must use lures to provoke the bass. Buzzing or rattling lures are one of the most recommended deep water bass fishing lures.

People Also Ask

How to catch fish in deep water?

There is no straight formula for this question because every deepwater fishing trip is an adventure and a battle. Therefore, you need great equipment, patience, focus, and familiarity with the fish type you’re going after. 

How to fish deep lakes?

You need great deep water bass fishing lures, equipment, and a lot of patience.

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  1. Jerry

    In my lake, shad colored lures work good.


      Nationwide Shad color is one the most popular colors, and it works!

  2. Jerry

    Blade baits are good in muddy water.i need to use more jigs to fish to fish the bottom.


      Yes, the blade baits are good in stained water because the blades put out so much vibration and flash. Try the jig more, it can be a real big fish bait!

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