Butler Artificial Bass Fishing in Central Florida with Local Expert

Butler Artificial Bass Fishing

Orlando, FL is a place and destination filled with life. You can travel there year after year never getting bored. From the theme parks to outdoor adventures, you have plenty to do with the family. One of the best ways to experience this wonderful place is by getting on the boat with a local expert. Get the wind in your face and catch largemouth bass on a Butler artificial bass fishing adventure.

Our local experts especially when it comes to throwing artificial lures is essential to catching fish. You have to know what to throw and where to throw it during different parts of the day. The Butler Chain of Lakes is a great fishery as it has deeper water that congregates the bass into areas. When this occurs it gives you the ability to catch more fish with artificial lures.

Captain Steve Niemoeller is one of our local experts on the Butler Chain. He had the pleasure of fishing with Scott on a quick morning fishing charter. Scott was traveling to Central Florida looking to catch some quality largemouth bass. It is not every day that you can go out fishing, so Scott had to capitalize on it.

He had a great time with Captain Steve catching bass all trip long. Captain Steve was referred by another client. It enticed Scott so much that he traveled to Florida to get on the bass. Scott caught numbers of fish weighing up to 4 pounds. The most productive baits on this fishing trip was a Steel Shad lure along with soft-plastic worms. You can catch the bass on submerged hydrilla or in open water when they are schooling. Get out early and take advantage of the topwater bite as well.

Butler Artificial Bass Fishing 2

The Fishing Does Not Disappoint

Scott had a great time catching fish with Captain Steve. Captain Steve is looking forward to their next fishing adventure in Central Florida!

Just shortly after this fishing trip, Captain Steve was back out on the Butler Chain of Lakes. He had the pleasure of fishing with Josh and Blake. They were traveling to Orlando to enjoy family time. Needing a detox day from the parks, they wanted to explore what Orlando truly had to offer. While doing so, Butler artificial bass fishing was a great choice.

Josh and Jake caught over 40 largemouth bass on artificial baits. The same baits apply for this fishing trip as well. Josh and Jake got on some schooling largemouth bass in open water with a topwater walking bait. They caught bass up to 3 pounds with most of the fish in the 1-2 pound range. Summer months bring about the schooling bass and smaller-sized fish.

Josh and Jake weren’t coming out to go fishing for the big bass but just a day on the water. They had a great time and are looking forward to getting back on the water soon with Captain Steve!

All year round

Summer months can get very warm, so get out early in the morning. It is the best time to capitalize on bass with artificial lures. Our local experts can get you on the water and on the fish faster. The Butler Chain of Lakes is a beautiful place to visit with its clear water fishing along with views of multi-million dollar homes in Orlando, FL. We look forward to showing you a great time on the water next time!

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