Big Bass And Light Tackle On Okeechobee

Big Bass And Light Tackle On Okeechobee

This is Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks I was out on the water with long time clients Greg and his buddy Richard. These guys been with me a long time been fishing many years with many great adventures. This is one of the very best and why I have a group of my clients that like to come down late spring early summer to do this light tackle. Most people think light tackle little schoolies, not catching nothing really big but having a lot of fun.

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Adventure Starts Here

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Well we had a lot of fun we came close to 100 head of fish on light tackle 10 to 15 pound test, throwing light plugs and top water. We caught one at 8 pounds another at 7 and some 5 pounders. We just absolutely crushed them, its a great opportunity to fish Okeechobee. Early summer is fantastic down here whole different experience fishing in the open water where you can find them with no obstructions. It’s just incredible this is Capt Mark Shepard keep that in mind.



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